Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Many Challenges

Wow, it's been a couple of months, hasn't it...Not that I haven't been doing plenty of tangling, just been out away from my computer for much of it BECAUSE!!!!!

I have been busy with my new sweety angel pie baby GRANDSON Orion

Hi there world!

He is THE most looking around kid I have ever seen...when he is awake and calm, he is looking around. End of story. 
Lookin good in his shark suit

what a sweet face

yup, nuthin but sweet

Believe me when I tell you, I am head over heels in love with this one. When I came home after he was born...after 30 hours of helping my daughter labor, it was beyond time for a shower...I got refreshed and put on clean clothes, and all I wanted was to go back and hold Orion some more. Much of my free time has been spent at home with him and his mom, and a few times just baby and YaYa home babysitting which I love better than anything.

And he is an easy baby. Easy to calm down with a lullaby or something to suck on, and even when he is full bore hollering out the top of his lungs, it isn't grating or nerve wracking. Just a little love bum. 
birthday with mom and dad
May 9, 2017
cook and future cook

daddy wears black; so does baby

Well that's what I've been doing for the past month. Orion just
made it to the one month mark, and today (Tuesday) he is
five weeks old. Amazing, isn't he?
Yaya and baby
Now, for the Diva Challenge

I've been checking in with the Diva, but generally speaking haven't done anything with the challenges. I found some terrific beads on a trip to the Gem Faire with Orion and his mom last week. Want to make something cool with them, something to possibly hang up in my window where I can look at them. I thought of R2 while I was selecting them :) and then ended up not doing a tile for the challenge. 

But I did this one, for the challenge this week. 

The tangle we're using is Dansk, by Margaret Bremner. When I got over to her blog to see the stepouts, I was impressed with her MANY tangle patterns and spent some time practicing a few of them. Dansk along the bottom, and Box Spirals nestling in along the top. My own Torsdag on the border, and some background Dansk in grey Tombow. My gosh, does shading EVER make Dansk shine. I LOVE it! And so I ran with shading this into multi-level fun.

Another challenge I look at every week is Adele Bruno's It's a String Thing, and one that caught my eye, and my heart, was when she posted a challenge in support of Lily Moon, when her daughter's cancer came back...SO so sad.

I made this tile for that challenge, but because it doesn't require a blog, no blog entry.

 the challenge used an M shaped string with four of Lily's own tangles. It was a sad time, and my thoughts and prayers were with Lily in this tragic season of her life. I think in the end, it isn't a pretty tile, but has some beauty in it, and some interesting things. It is stained and there are broken hearts in it...all of it, a little bit like life, maybe?

Along with the IAST challenge, I have been involved on Swap Bot, especially seeking out swaps using ATC's. Zentangle seems to be made for ATC's, but I am also interested to see other styles of art on these little scraps, so I've done some swapping. There are also post card swaps...and guess who makes her own post cards! ha! I've also done tangled envelopes, poetry swaps, book list swaps, etc. Some days when I check my mail, there's four or five Happy Mails in there! And I've started a lovely collection of ATCs.

here are some of the pieces I've sent out:

this is a postcard, for a poem swap

This was a "little extra" I sent in a penpal swap

This one...I want to get busy making more super rich vibrant colored paper, because LOOK AT IT! WOW!

I have received SO much happy mail, including letters, recipes, poems, ATC's, note cards, washi tape (who even knew there was such a thing hahahahaha) and some of them works of art from the envelope to the ephemera slipped inside. Good stuff. But since getting samples of art outside the realm of zentangle was my first reason to start swapping on swap bot, I present some ATC's I've received:

fun to send and receive
But this is my favorite so far, among all the swapping on swap bot...a "New to Zentangle" swap where we were to make a sampler 4x4 in a 1" grid, and put a tangle in each grid. Well look what I received:

Isn't this JUST SO COOL! there's loads of patterns on here, but the artist crossed the grid lines, to create a spectacular sunshine with triangular rays beaming out. I was impressed...and then I colored it. Ha!

So. Much. Fun!

and there we have it. My first blog entry, and my first Diva Challenge entry, in over a month.

It's been fun hanging out, though.


time to go now....

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Spill of Coffee

This week's Diva Challenge was to spill coffee on tiles and use the stain(s) as the string.

well, I had a Traveling Tile from Sue Bailey ... as usual, I forgot to take a pic before starting, so here it is, after the coffee splash

I splashed a few more:


It is a pretty tan tile with white, the pattern Ruffel by Helen Williams, and believe me, this one was a challenge! But once I splattered it and looked, some things started to come to me.

Shading in the corners of every segment in the Ruffel, with tan tombow, and Sand Swirl all around with the same marker. I love how layering the tombow can get things so deep! Or you can go lightly with it. Well, in making the Sand Swirls, I didn't draw over the coffee stains, and then filled those in with sepia micron. Then, to make the Ruffel more dominant, I colored it all in with a white prismacolor pencil, and deepened the drop shadow "under " it. Not bad, I guess. :)

Another ATC that I finished up, wanting to send it in a letter/envie via Swap-Bot.

I call it "At the Dark Cabaret"

and, a sketchbook treat:

This is in an old sketchbook...isn't it funny how you do things and put them aside.

and that's all for now!

Comments are wonderful! I love comments.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

UMT's, letter writing, traveling tangles

First, I wanted to share from Fleeting Time whose author I cannot remember...but visit the blog. She is one I subscribe to in my email, because of the absolutely wonderful ways in which she explores EVERY tangle. Well, wasn't I tickled to find that she had been inspired by Torsdag! And just look at what she did with it! It inspires me!

Now for the diva's challenge this week... a UMT using Frunky... a fun little tangle that is going to look good tucked wherever you put it.

Since I was working on a tile to send in a swap via Swap-bot.com (check it out, it is a way to get some good fun mail nearly every week!) well, I was in the middle of creating a tile when this challenge came along, so I added it to what I already had:

I chose a tile with color on it, and started with dreamcatcher in the bottom right, with the printemps and msst upper left, some rain and more msst...and then added the Frunky, emerging from the dreamcatcher. This tile was unique, in that I started with the dreamcatcher on top, and after adding the msst with the Printemps, it wanted to be the other way. Some Fescu, a few more Printemps, shading and highlighting. I think it looks like the fragrant mossy undergrowth in a damp temperate rainforest, with seedlings emerging and soft exhalations of dew sinking into the soil.

So, I sent this tile and one other, to a swap partner who lives in Massachusetts, along with a two page hand written letter. That was so much fun to do...write a letter? Long hand? Fold it up and put in an envelope? With a stamp? And put it in to post? Wow!

 Since I had written about myself a bit, being a zentangler, I had to include tiles. The other tile, a classic black and white on a string...I forgot to photograph before sending it! But it was cool looking.

Some sketchbook play:

One evening I was just sitting watching something on Netflix and decided I wanted to do something with Flux...and an hour or so later, this is what I ended up with. It pleases me.

Some patterns in this piece: Tropicana, Flux, Log Cabin, Fricle,  Tring, Torsdag, a tangleation on Diva Dance, Cayke, Cubine, Opus, Mooka, Domizil and some random Tipple and Printemps. This was fun and satisfying to do.

On the Traveling Tiles front, I finished another by Sue Bailey

You can see on her start, where I caught myself right after making one straight line. This one was just delightful to finish. I tend to gravitate towards the curvy patterns, and it was loads of fun doing this with all its corners and straight edges. And it turns out looking way cool.

Kat VanRooyen sent this start. I think she has such a fine hand, her lines are so delicate and precise.

This is how I finished it:
The FINAL finished product for this one, has some blue in it. I don't know what happened to that pic, but this is where I almost stopped, and looking at it now, It's actually very nice. Didn't need the other color added.

Kate Ahrens sent this tile a few weeks ago, and I finished it:
I almost wrecked this one, but putting Buttercup in
individual motifs unified it all. I am pleased.  
Her tiles are made of paper that has the most delightful texture. They are Zentangle (TM) tiles, but the process of coloring them, or something, gives them a very fine toothy texture with quite a bit of "give"...that is, the paper is flexible and feels good in your hand. Just lovely.

And, a  little sweet treat from Kate also:

Isn't it yummy!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Moow it and swap it and play with it

sorry about the vast spaces between things on this post! I don't know how to fix it. EDIT: i fixed it! Suzanne's suggestion of reformatting in word did the trick1 yay!
It has been kind of a "me getting noticed" couple of weeks.  
First of all, my duo tangle from the paradox/diva dance challenge a couple of weeks ago. I did email that to Rick and Maria, and they included it in the most recent newsletter! how's that! 
And, earlier in the month, my pattern Torsdag was published on tanglepatterns.com.  
I've been having fun and staying nicely busy with the Traveling Tangles Project on Facebook. It is SO EVERLOVIN COOL to send and receive mail from so many corners of the world! 

 Ria Mattheusen from Belgium sent me the Z3 tile with a "rays" string, and this is how I finished it.  
I sent it to another swap partner on swap-bot 
 I really love the black and white of this one, how fronds is so wavy and elegant against the rays and circles of concert  ... it was fun coloring it in, but now I want some more 3z tiles to do several variations on this fronds/concert theme. FUN! 

I put a lovely panel of black and white  
from Ria on a wall near some of my art 
 Kate Ahrens sent this cool My Swing on a blue and red spatter tile. 
I finished it with Navaho and some shading and highlighting.  

Anne Marks from Australia finished one I sent her 
  This classic black and white went to Australia with just Mr E in the corner, and Anne Marks finished it SO boldly and interestingly!
This one went out to Aleesha in Thailand 
 This was one of the rounds that I cut from my first batch of colored paper, done with the tissue transfer method that I am SO addicted to.  
It went to Thailand and I can't wait to see on FB what Aleesha makes of it.  
And, here is a color technique that I think turns out pretty cool looking gray/brown/multi 
I started with red violet across a whole tile 
Then across that with a turquoise 
When I added yellow...watch out! SO gorgeous! 
 And I decided to put the IAST 189 on this tile: 

 I call this piece "In the Night Jungle" 
Patience, Aura Leah, and CO2 on a rounded string, shaded with violet. 
BTW I used a fine line sharpie for the ink on this. Microns would have surely clogged.
Ooh! another project that I finally finished just today. 


 This is my daughter and her husband, a selfie they took while in Ireland. I created the mat just ages ago, with a compass for the circle. That is ribbon feather around the circle, with meeko on the second layer out. Then I just filled all the corners with some things I've discovered while looking into etching. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. It is a housewarming gift...and with their baby coming in May, I think I'll do a repeat, with a theme surrounding the baby's name: Orion.  
 Noom is a fun tangle. I'm glad they finally published it, because I've been trying to figure it out since the first time I saw it earlier this year. I put spirals in the bottom layer of Noom, then added some swirly black aura-ey swirls. Umble in there, another curve of Noom with lots of auras underneath, and tightly packed fescu across the top.  
It sort of reminds me of a sea creature rising up out of the waves.  

 I saw Crazy Huggins...I think it was on zentangle.com? anyway, I spent an evening filling up a page with it...fun! 
and then I thought wouldn't it look neat to fill it up with another monotangle? 

 Not sure what the "interior" tangle is. Something curlicue with spirals and fescues at the end. :) I like it.  
This is actually a cool idea, putting one pattern all over the page, then filling it with another pattern, spilling over the lines and following thru with the second pattern as if the first pattern weren't there.  
I'll play with that some more.  
Now, with two days off from work coming up, I'll have lots of time to play with the starts that I've received from Michele Wynne, Stephanie Drewa,  
Kat van Rooyens, and who knows what I'll find in my mailbox tomorrow! 
 Thank you for commenting. I love comments. They make me happy!