Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Swooping In for a Quick Blog Post

More busy, but SUCH fun busy!

This past weekend I got to go be with some of my favorite people in the world. We went to the same church 25 years ago, in a tiny town called Lava Hot Springs. My darling friend Nancy and her husband bought land that had some decrepit old cabins on it. And she fixed everything up so nice, and ran it as a place for people to stay, who came to visit Lava. Bristol Park.

Many things happened in that family's life in the late 90's, and my friend and her kids moved away. But they kept the property, and after some years had passed, and those kids were grown, two of them moved back and re-opened Bristol Park. Once a year, mom comes to visit, and I get me up there and stay a while. We did that this weekend and I am still recuperating. :)

Nancy and me
 Our kids are the same ages, and we graduated highschool the same year. Her youngest is six weeks older than my youngest, and we each were among the first people to hold the new babies when they came into the world. It has been a wonderful friendship for many years.
AnnaLeigh, Nancy, and Colin. Leo the dog.
on the porch of the big cabin.

 We went to a rodeo, and sat around the campfire


 A place of  serene sweet beauty. I love visiting Bristol, and being with my friend and her kids.

 Sunday we spent the afternoon out at the zip line which scared me to DEATH no lie, I was crying. But I went twice! and the second time was way fun.

wylie on the ropes course

Relaxing between all the fun

Wylie did it all, including the "Rush Line" (I bowed out, thanks to my feet and knee being in bad pain) but I did get video of the idiot hanging upside down while zipping!

When I got home, I started a swapbot project, which is a postcard ZIA. And on Monday there was still room for the Diva Challenge, which was to use D-1 grid seed in our work.

Breezy Garden

I am sending this to a swap partner today, and thought...why not? so this is what I did with it. D-1 is a fun motif to play with. I want to explore it some more, but this time the star shape that emerges just charmed me. This was probably the most fun and relaxation with zentangle I've enjoyed in a while.

Something I have decided. Swap bot feels too much like deadlines. I've enjoyed receiving a broad sample of ATC's in many different genres and have a fun little collection of a variety of tiny art. But I'm done. Having to get things done by a certain date is not enjoyable. Feels rushed...I have two more to finish up this week, then I am going to settle back into zentangle because I like it, and I will participate in the challenges, and probably be more active on the Traveling Tangles Project and other FB zentangle pages.

N'zeppel is my best comfort pattern. When the Diva's guest Tangler a few weeks ago issued a monotangle challenge for N'zeppel, i was tickled, and did these, though I did not enter them.


And now, what you've all been waiting for: BABY PICTURES!

Power nap
 Thissun here loves to take 30 to 45 minute naps. Unless you put him down. Then the nap lasts exactly as long as you hold him. But isn't that perfect! I will get to see him again when I babysit while mom and dad go out for some alone together time. CAN'TWAIT!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tangling and Baby Holding to Save My Brain

Whew! what a week!

New job with daily trainings in COMPLETELY new software systems, almost a new system per day, and today, Friday, my day ended with my brain pretty much twitching.

So it felt really good to go through pictures to put in this blog post. Like this one:

quite worried!

 I *did* do quite a bit of tangling and enjoyed it so much. It is so needed now, more than ever before with this much higher energy, much more responsibility, job.

So, the Diva Challenge this week, care of guest blogger Suzanne Fluhr, was to use one of my absolute favorite tangles, Aloha, in a piece.

So, I played:

This is such a flowing, curvy, tropical tangle, as it should be, since it is based on a screen that Travel buff Suzanne saw in Hawaii.

I did some free form, and some inside squares, and played with perls and tipples and dots. Some thick lines, some thin, some smooth, some rough


possible tattoo ideas
for a co-worker

Well, in one swap bot exchange, an Australian tangler named Jane, sent me some papers that she had colored using Margaret Bremner's bio technique.

and with all the naturally curvy coloration here, I decided to use it for this challenge.

But first, here are pictures of grandkids:

 Like, my granddaughter Nodge (aka Nadia)...she is 7 going on 17, as you can see. Here, our girls day out, having a cone at Baskin-Robbins, looking like a movie star.

(btw, I also have a 14 year old. Grandchild. Yes. Young lil me, with a teenaged grandson. But I don't have his picture, due to his leaving the room when cameras get pointed. Aidan, whose name backwards is...NADIA, his little sister)
little chick a pet
and here Nodge is, chilling in the kiddy pool, up camping a couple weeks ago.

Oh! I made a feather the other night:

I could do this all day!

This is bracket feather, one of Helen Williams' patterns. I relaxed with it after work one evening this past week. aaahhhhh.

but wait, what about the baby!

 Did I post this picture already? but isn't it just the most beautiful Madonna ever? From baby's first week home.

Little snuggle buggle

And here he is, with his daddy, up camping. He got a tummy ache that weekend, and spent a lot of time being held belly down by everyone in camp.

GG (my mom) holding little fuss pants

Crumple Rose comfort
 Tangling in the evening has been a really good down time thing to do. Get my mind off the LITERALLY brain frying training at work.

Good Stuff.

I started with another comfort tangle, Mooka, and spent the evening filling a page.

Mooka, hollibaugh, rain, N'zeppel, tripoli, Printemps, fescu, cypresses, spirally stuff.

Okay, so what did I end up doing for the Diva Challenge, besides play around with Aloha?

 I wanted to maintain the exquisite coloring on this paper, so I kept the design light. Aloha, with some embellishments in the leaves, along with tipple and scruffle, some orbsladee and curvy stuff along the bottom, and a few drifts of that delicate pattern Tring.

Some Msst here and there. Some falling leaves. Curves galore...I LOVE the curvy Aloha!

and here's some more bebeh:

gee whiz, what a cutie!

He just turned three months old and more fun every day. I got to go over last Sunday and hold him pretty much all afternoon while his mom did housework and took a shower. And hung out, talking our faces off. What a pleasant day.

 Tricky little feller...fall asleep while being held and then wake up alert, calm, and cheerful the moment you put him down. 

 soooo...YaYa held him for the long nap...three hours, no lie, and wonderful every moment of it!

But I also held him for all the short naps, too. Little angoo baboo love bean!