Wednesday, October 15, 2014

UMT: Yuma diva challenge 189

Well, this is an interesting pattern. Lots of auras, so it's really relaxing. It's sort of three dimensional if you make the lines curved at the edges.

The Diva Challenge this week (accompanied by a hilarious and colorful story about Thanksgiving in Canada) is to use the tangle Yuma, created by Tina-AKUA whose blog is right here

To start, I made a page of yuma, to get the feel of it:

It doesn't show up well, but I used crayola crayons to shade and color this piece. Olive green for the lozenge shapes, and forest green for shading the aura area.

As I played around, it began to remind me of fish in a current, so I made a little tile with that in mind, but didn't like it, and decided not to display it.
So I started a new tile with the fish in current theme...but when I highlighted the ovals, they looked just like hair barrettes, so I finished it with ribbony stuff:

I love what shading does!

this morning, waking up, I thought about how I would finish this tile, and another idea came to mind: a large sample, with the shading to make the oval pop somehow. Make it look really 3D. And this is how that one ended up:

again, shading makes it really work!

My idea had been to make the oval look solid, sort of rounded, in a nest of auras...and as I drew the auras, the idea to try and make the oval look deep came. With a couple of lines curved around the "interior" and some shading, I think it really does look like it is deep, like a hole really.

I have a couple of starts that I need to finish, and I have a blank that I traced so I'll still play around with yuma. Maybe a tile with a string, and use Yuma along with other patterns.

See what kinds of variations come along.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Meeting A Fellow Tangler: David Hunter!

What a fun couple of hours!

I had the privelege of meeting David Hunter (a favorite participant in the Diva Challenge every week. His comments on everyone's posts are so encouraging and heartfelt. I'm pretty sure anyone who might read this will know JUST who I'm talking about, because if you've posted something  for the Diva Challenge, chances are David has commented very warmly and with detail. ) And let me tell you, he is just as warm and genuine in person, as he is in his comments. Two delightful new friends!

So, on Saturday. David and his sweet friendly wife Linda met me at the library for our first Intermountain Tanglers Gathering! We will make it a regular monthly get together, the second Saturday of every month, and I am super excited about it!

This time around, because we are all so excited to meet other tanglers in person, we just admired each other's work (Let me tell you, this guy is a TALENTED portaitist...he has a sketchbook from before he discovered zentangle, with lots of delightful pencil sketches of faces, and some great cartoon stuff. Whimsical and funny. He's GOOD)

we admired each other's work, and talked about what we were doing artistically before zentangle, and looked at various pattern practices we've been working on. It was a couple of hours of delightful conversation...oh! and David showed me his hand scanner "The Magic Wand" ...I've been wanting a scanner, and now I think I know what one I'll be getting. Putting it on my wish list on Amazon, and giving family members the link ha! Hint Hint.

Next time, we may do a Zentangle Tile Ensemble. If we have a set of tiles prestrung, so the strings meet each other, and everyone does a few tiles, when we bring them together, we can match them up and see what we get.

It would also be fun to pick a string, print it up so we each have exactly the same string, and everyone create a tile, and see how our tiles are different, and how they are similar.

I'm excited about this little fledgling group, and I hope we get some other participants over the next several months. A gathering of maybe six or seven would be perfect, In My Opinion!

So, if you read this...IF...and you live in Salt Lake (I know you're out there!)...the second Saturday of every month, 1-3 pm, at the West Jordan Library. Ask for Intermountain Tangler Gathering and we'll see you there!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Diva Challenge 188: LGBT

The Diva Challenge this week is to create a tangle in honor of upcoming "Coming Out Day" which is Oct to me, and I have a gay person in my family!

And therefore, this is a topic near to my heart. Coming out can be VERY difficult for people, and my relative was no exception.She agonized for a long time, glum, troubled, depressed, and anxious. When she did come out, no one was surprised, and she suddenly was carefree, joyous, light, and sweet. Coming out set her free.

My first tangle was rainbow shaped,and I colored it in

I don't like it much. Blue and purple are in the "sky" while the rest of the colors are in the "rainbow."
Patterns used: Leaflet, phicops, flord, fiore, something with a flower in a grid, ditto, and my first use of Bateek.

The second one I decided to use tangles starting with L, G, B, and T.

LaBel, Laced, Girdy, Graancirkel,, Betweed, Bateek, Tropicana, Tripoli.
And, I think my subconscious did this...right there, next to the betweed is a tangle pattern I developed, and I call it Hitched.

Get it? Same sex marriage is in the news big time right now, and I put HITCHED in my LGBT tangle! hahahaha!
Oh, there is also some fescu growing up out of the ends of the Girdy. Also, a variation on Bales that I have been playing starts with the negative space of Bales, and ends up with circles kind of dominating. Anyway, it was another B pattern, but it really looks nothing like Bales at all...oh well.

At any rate, I had fun with this, and I actually do like how it looks.