Thursday, December 3, 2015


Oh I love trees! They are wonderful in all seasons, even in the middle of winter, how delightful the patterns of their bare limbs.

There was a favorite tree at my old job, along the edge of the parking lot. It has such graceful limbs, arcing up and weaving among each other. I called it The Brigid Tree.
I love how the branches sort of plait themselves in the trunk area. Just lovely to look at and I have lots of art featuring this tree from a few years ago.

I tried to make it Celtic Knotty
Hm. It's been a while since I looked at my Brigid Tree Art.

Well, this week we have a guest CZT at Laura's Blog. Dilip Patel, a very innovative and creative artist whose work I always enjoy looking at. He challenges us to create a tree monotangle using a tangle pattern. 

There is last week's Hollibaugh entry

Pretty cool, eh?

But I wanted to do new art for this, so I went with an idea I developed in an old sketchbook: a Bales variation that morphed into a glen.

If I were to do this again, I'd make the trunks slimmer.

(Wylie thinks it looks like sheep hahaha)

It's that time of these look like Xmas trees? It's KandyRibnz, with some little orbs dangling into the negative spaces.
With those wavering trunks, they look like they're lifting off the ground hahaha!

And, a snow laden evergreen out on a winter night.

Tearce and some shading. It kind of looks like stones stacked up, but I guess it'll do.


  1. Your Celtic knotty Brigid tree is my favourite, shortly followed by the Kandy Ribbonz tree, shortly followed by all the rest. What a funny co-incidence that we have a tree challenge just after you and I tangled trees last week! Your Brigid tree is fabulous, I love trees too, I used to go walking in the New Forest a lot and you see some wonderful ancient twisted trees there. Sometime I think trees look better without their leaves or when they have sadly died but their gnarled trunks are still for standing years aftterwards.

  2. What a glorious woodland you have created and so varied. I can't pick a favourite but I will admit that the Mooka one calls to me.

  3. I love all your trees. What a great variety of ideas. Love the color of the ribnz. All well done.

  4. Lovely trees, nice monotangle tree forest!

  5. Wow! Great work HeidiSue, all of it. That Hollibaugh tree is fantastic!

  6. You created a bunch of lovely trees. I do understand your love for the 'real' one!!!

  7. Your trees are so beautiful! Greetings, Anja

  8. You have a magical forest of designs her. Lovely! I particularly like the hollibaugh tree, and the whimsy of the Bales "glen".

  9. I see you had fun with this challenge, and have come up with some very interesting, and fun trees! Nicely done!