Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Challenges and Handcut Tiles and Ensembles

Wow, has this been a creative couple of weeks. A year or more ago, I bought some Tiepolo paper from DaVinci Artist supply. Tiepolo is the paper that uses for their official tiles, and it is absolutely wonderful to work with. I bought my own large sheets of paper, in order to cut my own tiles. I did many 3.5x3.5 tiles and three opus size pieces at the time. Haven't started anything with the Opus sizes, but I've had lots of fun with the regular tiles.

Due to a snafu in shipping, the first piece was damaged and they sent me a replacement, which I just opened, so I could make some more tiles. And I decided to do an ensemble.

This is the string, before cutting into tiles:
You can see the first cut. The string is there, promise.

I worked on it here and there over a couple of weeks, and these three are the first ones I did. My favorite is the one with hollibaugh and niuroda...
here is the entire thing, completed and in order. You can see where the string was.

Playing with this has been lots of fun. I have it all assembled on my cubicle wall at work...lots to look at. And I have a good supply of tiles again. Maybe I'll start on an Opus soon!

Now, on to some challenges. It is UMT week with the Diva, and this month it is a fascinating tangle called Dreamcatcher...It's very easy to do, and as you work it, voila! a fibonacci spiral develops! Love it.
It's lots of fun, just free hand, but it would be cool done with exact measurements, too.

 Dreamcatcher, tipple, and mooka. 

And, along with the Diva challenge, I am enjoying Joey's "traveling" tiles every week. This time, with Relly telly one in the corner. 

A new tangle for me, and I added another new one, called Interwyned both can be found at, a terrific website packed with lots of tangles.

similar to Relly telly one, Interwyned has an alternating dot grid to start.

A day without a ninja throwing star is like a day without...sunshine?

This was so enjoyable. I had fun with the alternating dot grid, the flowers, the spirals. The shading!

yup, a week of tangling creativity. 


  1. Wow! Wonderful work. All of it. That ensemble is fantastic and I lovelovelove your Dreamcatcher;-)

  2. So much beautiful work and your Mooka is fantastic.

  3. I like all your work but this Mookatile in combination with dreamcatcher is wonderful!!!
    Youe Joe's tile is also very pretty.

  4. What fun to do an ensemble like that. Your Dreamcatcher is delightful as well!

  5. I love how you've edged some of the spiralling lines in your dream catcher, and I love what you did with relly telly 1 too!

  6. Great ensemble! Nice dreamcatcher tile too. Off to try some new to me tangles that you mentioned. Thanks!

  7. Beautiful work! My favorite is your amazing dreamcatcher!

  8. Love your work, as always. The dreamcatcher looks a little like a leggy spider caught in its own web. Love the tiles.