Thursday, August 31, 2017

Getting Caught Up

Missed posting last week, but I did a couple of challenges so here we go.

Last week's Diva Challenge was to make a four tile mandala. I started with four tiles, cut out of multi-media paper:

I just put them together and plopped a cup on the four corners and voila! Off center! So I ran with it.

Here is the finished project:

Let's see here, what did I use...

there's b'tweed here, and Meer. Schnek along the edge of Meer, and the swirly weighted curls...I'm sure somewhere it is an official pattern, but I call it Smoke. In the center, who knows...but I added a little bit of striping and some perls.


 This one has carpet flower, umble, modern nippa, pixioze, and hollibaugh.

Omigosh, this is my favorite! Cubine, Leaflet, Agni, Coil...also, this is where I put the Joki in the edge which I then went back and added to the other tiles.

This one, I used beadlines in the center, then my Torsdag, and my friend Dave's Pinbawl. The Joki with some Fricle on the edge. I like how airy this section is.

That was a fun challenge. I just didn't get to my computer for any length of time last week.

Now, Joey has us doing a montage, using nine tiles, and stringing over all nine, then each week she gives us a pattern we must use. I took a page from Michele Wynn's book, and decided to use ATC's.

But first! A baby picture😀

Hi Eggybuggy

My Favorite Thing: dyeing paper. 
And then I cut it up into ATC's...

the first week was African Artist:

I also did some funky coils
and there's a little bit of BB in there.
Notice that stripe.
The second Joey Week was Maryhill
WHAT a fun tangle!
I also laid down some striping in
AquaFleur style,
and filled the white spaces with tipple.
Notice the Cruffle up there in the corner.

and this is the third week,
which is Cruffle..and old comfort food tangle
See the little segments of Maryhill edging in. 

Here the three of them, together.
I couldn't fit them crossways in my camera. 

Eclipse day! Okay, first of all, looking at the eclipse through the glasses was WAY 
cool. But check out the tree shade! Wow!
I want to make up a pattern of it.

But, I DID make up a pattern based on some Bosch detail.

From The Garden of Earthly Delights

So, I love the disc shapes of these leaves. And I got out my sketchbook:

I think I'll call it Bosch

This week's Diva Challenge is from guest tangler Jane Reiter, who found a pattern in nature. Petoskey Stones, to be exact. Neat!
I had so much fun with this. A wonky hex grid, and various fillers and patterns inside...FUN!

I could do this all day. :) 

And of course, I hung out with grandkids...


He actually stayed asleep when I put him down

So glad I woke up early this morning. Some quiet time, and enough to post a blog.


  1. Beautiful tiles and cute grandkids! ❤️️

  2. Looks like you have too much time are your disposal. You haven't posted to many beautiful tile for a looooong time. I love your Bosch and the painting you got the inspiration from is gorgeous! But that half grown up super human is not that freshly born baby with the blue eyes we only got introduced to last month???!!

    1. Isn't he growing so fast! He'll be four months old and getting big. Learning how to grab things and put in his mouth hahahaha

    2. Indeed!!! I never had kids, or the chance to actually see such a newborn develop, so I am quite surprised about the growing rate!!!

  3. Welcome to the club, this is a lovely challenge and I'm glad you have joined with already tree wonderful tiles on a stunning watercolours background. Congrats for this beautiful new tangle Bosch. Pretty result for the Diva's guestchallenge but most of all what a wonderful grandchild. He is growing so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Ria. I loved that idea from the beginning, stringing across tiles. All of the challenges have been really neat lately

  4. Looks like you had a good time with all your accumulated art. I'm impressed that you remember the names of most of the tangles you use. I like the ideas you came up with for your Petoskey Stones inspired tile. It was fun and I learned about a new fossil/rock.

    1. Right? What a cool effect! I'm going to be on the lookout for some Petoskey stones.

  5. Nice to see you all caught up. Lovely tiles and I'm impressed you could pull yourself away from that cute munchkin! Four months already! Our youngest granddaughter will be 2 1/2 in a few days and it seems like she was just 4 months. Time must be accelerating!

    1. Awww! Grands are the best! Tomorrow I'll be hanging out at the pool with Nadia and maybe her brother Aidan. with watermelon! Yum!

  6. So much gorgeous art😉 Those Diva plate tiles are lovely and I adore your Joey series. The colors remind me of a tide pool reflecting a beautiful sunset. That baby is adorbs😀💗

    1. Thanks Michele. I'm thinking the Joey tiles are looking tidal pool or grotto-ish. Can't wait to see how it goes. Orion meanwhile is just so cute! And he is is very most adorable after major fuss time hahahaha

  7. I do like that tile with the beautiful stones, a great composition.

  8. A wonderful post! I enjoyed it!
    Especially I like your ATC´s!

    1. Thanks Annette. I think that's going to turn out really good