Wednesday, March 21, 2018

This Week's Challenges Including St Patrick's Family Feast

So....this is Aidan, my first grandchild. He will be 15 this year!!! How is that EVEN possible? Me? With a HALF GROWN boy-man grandson? Next thing, they'll be saying I'm old or something. But I had to share it, because it is VERY rare to get a picture of this feller. Not long after this picture was taken, his Aunt Abbie (Orion's mama) did a French braid in his hair, but he shook it out pretty fast. 
St Aidan?

This was at the family St Patrick's Day feast. LOVE LOVE LOVE my fam!

L to R: Jason (My firstborn); Marci (sis-n-law); Curt (bro-in-law)
Hilary (sister); Sheila nee McSharry (mom...see that Irish name?
Now do you see why St Paddy's is a favorite for us?)
Not in the picture: Dave (brother) Alec and Preston (nephews) Lily and Sarah (nieces) Nadia (granddaughter) Lakota (dog) Wylie (my sweetheart and Orion's Opa) Kristi (daughter-in-law)...What a FAMILEEEEE! 

Got busy yesterday with tissue transfer colored paper again. On the left is the "up" side of the paper, but then I turned it over!!! Look how cool the bleed through is! I mean, it looks like a star field in that one corner! I'm super excited to do something with this awesome paper!

Now, on to the Diva Challenge: she asked us to use our name as a string

which I did...and then a faint memory from my grade school days came to me...

We wrote our signature, and then did a mirror image of it by folding and tracing, with a window behind it for light. Once we were done, the project continued into making a sort of insect looking thing...SO much fun! Fast forward 46 years... I didn't have a window handy, and I didn't want to fold my tile, and the challenge wasn't about insects...but I think I did a passing job of mirroring my name:
making it bold

And this was my result. I used Verve again, because it was so much fun last week. Then Bunzo, Flux, Well, and whateverthatisundertheH's. By going "behind" with the patterns, and then the shading...I think it turned out pretty cool. 

here is Love Bean again, sitting on daddy's lap. It was a large gathering, and he wanted to sit and see who all was there before venturing out into the crowd. Didn't take long...he wanted to bolt for the stairs in the kitchen, so he ended up being held or guarded by one or another aunt, uncle, cousin, Opa, or YaYa, throughout the night.

Here he is with Aunt Marci, after a change of shirt.

The squares look like Drawings on a Half Grid, and then some upward Msst, some black perls, and some shading

Joey continues her Ribbons and Curls "finish my tile" challenges, and this one started with Coil. I didn't take a picture before this one, but I did of the one I "flubbed":

Joey's start

Jules's Start
This is a Traveling Tangle! Jules Mack sent it to me a month or two ago, and I finally finished it up:

I thought it looked like an old ivy covered library on a University campus. 

This happy baby! 


  1. It was a fantastic idea, to mirror your Name on the Diva tile, HeidiSue! It is my favorite this week. But I also like the others.

  2. Love the idea of mirroring your name! I remember doing those, They were fun. Lovely pictures of the family too. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

    1. Thanks Kate, yes my family is the absolute BEST. We enjoy each other, even though we don't agree about everything. It is always fun when we get together.

  3. I agree with the others, lovely idea of mirroring your Name. The other tiles also great!

    1. Thanks Bine. It's fun to do that and add little googly eyes, and color the spaces in. Looks like bugs

  4. What lovely pics! Thanks so much for sharing a little bit of you;-) Your artistic endeavors are all gorgeous. I love how you did the Diva;-)

  5. Great idea for the name string tile, but your Joey tile, so simple, is my fav. Oh that last photo of your grandson is just adorable!!!

  6. Wonderful tiles! The name mirror tile is my favorite, just beautiful! Your grandson is such a cutie!!