Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Diva Challenge #178: Use My Initials

Diva Challenge 178 duo tangle using my own initials

What a great idea! My name is Heidi Whitney, so H. W.

My first one, I used Hollibaugh and Well. Both of these are favorites, and I wanted to play with well some, because it's so much fun.
hollibaugh deepens this piece tremendously
In this piece, I used well in many different forms. There's a cadent-like phase, and there's a phase that reminds me of gothic. You can make it into flowers whenever, so I did some well-behaved grid oriented flowers, but my very favorite way to do well is with randomly placed centers, so your flowers end up looking playful and funky. That version is the centerpiece.
Hollibaugh all around, which adds so much depth. Things ended up looking so layered here. Hollibaugh does that so well, which is why it's so much fun.
I also used String #23 (W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet) and had a lot of fun making this. Sorry it's blurry. Some day I'll get a scanner.

I decided to do a second piece, this time using string #8 (for H, the 8th letter : D )

I like the 3D effect of Waves
It is Hurakan, filling the center square of the string, with some baby Hurakans filling the corners. Then, somewhat following the theme of storms at sea, the pattern Waves.

I'm going to be playing with this challenge all week. There's LOADS of H and W patterns.


  1. I love your hollibaugh and well tile. there are so many ways to do well and yours are very pretty.

  2. Both are lovely! Especially I like the first one! Your Hollibaugh is great!

  3. Two terrific Tiles. Your Hollibaugh and Well patterns are awesome, and your Wave pattern is so uniform. You make it look so easy. That's what Pros do. Great work.

  4. These two are so different, so beautiful also.

  5. Wonderful work. I am really drawn to the way you did the Hollibaugh with those rounded and solid edges. It gives it a totally different and interesting look!

  6. Nice combination of tangles. Have you tried random circles and free hand Well these are done without the grid. I used Well and used Helen Williams ideas for this. Can check out what she does on her blog, a little lime.

    1. Oh yeah, I love a little lime. I think it is one of the blogs I subscribe to. She is so creative and has such a fine tuned hand. Love her work. I saw Maria's work with free hand well (maybe it was Helen Williams, though...not sure) and liked it a lot. It will be fun to play with.

  7. i'll have to try the off center Well. Looks like fun.