Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Pattern: Concert

This has been a rock and roll, shake my booty weekend, for sure. 

A friend took me to Steve Miller Band/Journey on Thursday night, where I danced like a fool for three hours, not kidding. It was so joyful, especially SMB...I laughed and danced and sang along. Both SMB and Journey did amazing things with light, beaming long rays of light out over the audience and flashing lights on their back screen and over the group. 

Me? YES! dancing? (yes, always) to the Steve Miller Band, live? Oh. My. Wonderful! Loads and loads of joy and excitement and energy.

steve miller band stage. Yes, they lit up after dark.

On Friday, I got to dance again, out clubbing with friends. Another night of non-stop shakin it, to a terrific local country western rock band. No partner? with all the gang. Someone to dance with? Wonderful! Dance and dance! And i did (no pictures, I was too busy boogeying)

And last night (Saturday) out with another friend, to Little River Band at a local founder's day celebration, where I danced the night away yet again, and then fireworks (no pictures again...I'll get better about that). But what a fun weekend! 

When I got up this morning, I started tangling, trying to capture some of what I've been doing. 

It's blurry, but I was trying to put on paper, the rhythms and beats and energy of the rock music I've been enjoying. The rhythm and sway of the dancing. Repeat patterns, and some swaying curvy lines, and some thumping jagged lines...Now notice, in the middle right, there's a sun-ray looking thing. There was a VERY decent light show by Journey that wanted to be in on what I was doing. I think this tile has a lot of action, and a lot of rhythm, and a bit flowy feeling.

I liked it so much, I created a tangle starring this spotlight thing:

There is also some diva dance, umble, crux,xyp, hollibaugh, and rixty. Oh, and floatfest. Notice the  spotlight repeated on the top. 

Then I just took a page and played with this, and had loads of fun:
For the first time in a while, I just felt creative. Wasn't hampered by any right way, simply exploring how many ways can I do this? 

and here is a step out. I'm calling it CONCERT, though I think it is not entirely original. Seems there is a pattern called spotlight, similar to this.

Start with an arc. Add rays. Aura around the first arc. Add rays to the second arc, between the rays of the first arc. Then add another aura around the back of the second row of rays. 

Seems this could be the star of a tile, or drawn small, would make an energetic background or border. 

I just realized that on none of these, did I do any shading. Another element of interest. 

Time to go play again some more!


  1. Was roaming around and found this pattern on your site. Copied it out. I love it and all the variations you made. Thanks so much. I think people might comment if they knew about you. I wonder how you could get noticed. I found you by looking at somone elses site who said blogs I follow. Nane? I fotgot but will try backing up to find out.

  2. It's from: Cut it up - And sew t back together.

  3. It's from: Cut it up - And sew t back together.

  4. Thank you Tracy. I'm glad you like this. I've started posting occasionally on a Facebook group, and I did submit this pattern to Linda Farmer is holding onto it, and might publish it in the future.
    I'll check the website you mentioned. I know I've seen it.

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