Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Diva Challenge 188: LGBT

The Diva Challenge this week is to create a tangle in honor of upcoming "Coming Out Day" which is Oct 11...news to me, and I have a gay person in my family!

And therefore, this is a topic near to my heart. Coming out can be VERY difficult for people, and my relative was no exception.She agonized for a long time, glum, troubled, depressed, and anxious. When she did come out, no one was surprised, and she suddenly was carefree, joyous, light, and sweet. Coming out set her free.

My first tangle was rainbow shaped,and I colored it in

I don't like it much. Blue and purple are in the "sky" while the rest of the colors are in the "rainbow."
Patterns used: Leaflet, phicops, flord, fiore, something with a flower in a grid, ditto, and my first use of Bateek.

The second one I decided to use tangles starting with L, G, B, and T.

LaBel, Laced, Girdy, Graancirkel,, Betweed, Bateek, Tropicana, Tripoli.
And, I think my subconscious did this...right there, next to the betweed is a tangle pattern I developed, and I call it Hitched.

Get it? Same sex marriage is in the news big time right now, and I put HITCHED in my LGBT tangle! hahahaha!
Oh, there is also some fescu growing up out of the ends of the Girdy. Also, a variation on Bales that I have been playing with...it starts with the negative space of Bales, and ends up with circles kind of dominating. Anyway, it was another B pattern, but it really looks nothing like Bales at all...oh well.

At any rate, I had fun with this, and I actually do like how it looks.


  1. I like the bright colors on the first one and I like the bridge in the second. Both are lovely tiles and I like the fun you added too!

  2. I think you did very well with both tiles.

  3. Both of your Tiles do look like you had a lot of fun creating them. You used some of my favorite patterns, and some I am unfamiliar with. I love new patterns. Your Hitched Pattern looks great on the second Tile. I've been practicing that one. Great Job.

  4. fun tiles - I like the shading you got in your coloured tile - hard to do.

  5. They both look great. Love the 'hitched' connection :) And lovely flow to the black and white image.

  6. I second your sentiments about this week's theme and like what you did with it in both tiles.

  7. I like both tiles. The colors in the first one are very vibrant. I also like how you explained each tile.

  8. Lovely tiles, both of them, HeidiSue. And a great new tangle to celebrate with. Axxx

  9. Both are very lovely! Especialy I like the second one with the wonderful flow! Your new tangle is great!

  10. Both are great but my favorite is your second one!

  11. You are so cute! I like both designs, but I agree the second one seems to know where it is going. Really delightful!

  12. And thanks for a really nice comment on my blog for this challenge.
    I love that you are having a get together

  13. We also have a gay, married family member and I loved this challenge. I like both but really love the second tangle. Do you show the stepouts for Hitched anywhere? Great pattern!

  14. I like both tangles for different reasons. The colors in the first one are so much fun, I just have to smile at it. The second has some beautiful tangles in it, many that I don't know. I am so happy that your relative came out and can finally be happy. Love your "Hitched" Pattern, too. Do you have step-outs for it?

    1. Leslie! I do have the step outs for Hitched at this link http://heidisue60.blogspot.com/2014/08/hitched-my-newest-tangle-pattern.html

      thanks for asking. I hope you can make the next IT Gathering :) it is the second Saturday of November, West Jordan library. We'll be making a nine tile ensemble. And looking at each other's art, and teaching, and learning.

  15. HeidiSue, I particularly love that first one!! I am so glad your sister is so much freer!! Thank you for visiting and your kind comment!! I got behind but I am here now :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

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