Wednesday, October 15, 2014

UMT: Yuma diva challenge 189

Well, this is an interesting pattern. Lots of auras, so it's really relaxing. It's sort of three dimensional if you make the lines curved at the edges.

The Diva Challenge this week (accompanied by a hilarious and colorful story about Thanksgiving in Canada) is to use the tangle Yuma, created by Tina-AKUA whose blog is right here

To start, I made a page of yuma, to get the feel of it:

It doesn't show up well, but I used crayola crayons to shade and color this piece. Olive green for the lozenge shapes, and forest green for shading the aura area.

As I played around, it began to remind me of fish in a current, so I made a little tile with that in mind, but didn't like it, and decided not to display it.
So I started a new tile with the fish in current theme...but when I highlighted the ovals, they looked just like hair barrettes, so I finished it with ribbony stuff:

I love what shading does!

this morning, waking up, I thought about how I would finish this tile, and another idea came to mind: a large sample, with the shading to make the oval pop somehow. Make it look really 3D. And this is how that one ended up:

again, shading makes it really work!

My idea had been to make the oval look solid, sort of rounded, in a nest of auras...and as I drew the auras, the idea to try and make the oval look deep came. With a couple of lines curved around the "interior" and some shading, I think it really does look like it is deep, like a hole really.

I have a couple of starts that I need to finish, and I have a blank that I traced so I'll still play around with yuma. Maybe a tile with a string, and use Yuma along with other patterns.

See what kinds of variations come along.


  1. so great to see what can come out from YUMA. really very interesting and nice to see what you created. thank you.

  2. HeidiSue! Your tiles are FAB! You really got the shading doing the right thing. I really like the macro one with a sinking oval--great idea to do big and it has a lot of depth to it. Nice work! Have a brilliant day! c

  3. Your ribbon-y tile is so sweet. :) Love all your creativity.

  4. lovely work - all of it. I like the ribbon hair barrette tile - very nice - The 3D hole in the tile is really neat. just love your shading

  5. Really like the "fish in a current" one. I'm inspired to try something in this vein myself!

  6. Great Post, Heidi Sue. Your Line work is so smooth and flowing in the first Tile. The Lozenges in the second are fabulous, love the sparkles, and the stringy bits are terrific. I like the Girlande Pattern and the path you built it on. The close up on the third Tile worked out nicely. You created nice depth and again the line work flows wonderfully. Nice job.

  7. Hi, really good ideas and I like the one with the ribbony stuff most. Looks great :-)

  8. Love all three of these, HeidiSue and suspect you have enjoyed this new and versatile tangle as much as I have. Love the supersized version, but my favourite is the 'hair' one...great movement and depth. Axxx

  9. You definitely got your YUMA giong - no question about it :)
    The flow in the first tile is beautiful, and the colors are actually showing not bad at all.
    In the second I love the "insects" buzzing around
    The third tile is my favorite. For me - a beautiful monotangle, with added depth and style

  10. Beautiful tiles, I love all 3!

  11. All three are lovely! Especially I like the second one ... perfect shading!

  12. I love your different approaches on each tile. I really like the little barrettes - so cute!

  13. Wonderful exploration of this new tangle. I like all of them.

  14. Heidi, I love all 3 of your tiles. You managed to make such different looks from the same tangle. I wish I would have understood this tangle as well. I think I like your tile with the ribbons the most though because I tend to really like frilly, feminine stuff. It's so different from the real Great job on all of them :)

  15. It is always fun to play with a tile and see what it does. The fishy one that you said looks like barrettes looks like a braid. You displayed a wide variety of difference in each tile. Lovely.

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