Friday, November 14, 2014

Diva Challenge 193, part two

Okay, I played with THX some more and came up with another offering for the Diva Challenge.

This time, Xyp was the star. It reminds me of some kind of bramble, climbing, thorny. I like the colors I chose. I need to play with color more, and learn the delectable shading and blending I've seen on so many pieces. But I think dark blue and tan work together in this piece.

It sure is blurry. Soon I hope to have a scanner, like Dave Hunter's.

Speaking of, we had our second Intermountain Tanglers Gathering last Saturday.

David Hunter, Annie, and Robin
Our Ensemble, in progress.

We were delighted to have two ladies show up, who had gotten word of the Gathering from Marie English CZT here in Salt Lake. There was another gal who tried to find us, but couldn't locate the library where we were. This was SO much fun! Annie has a supremely fine hand, and Robin has only been tangling since October of this year. Her tile is the lower left, and just look at how precise and detailed her work is!
When we get together in December, the ensemble will be complete, and David is going to scan it for us and post on his blog. The  artists are Upper Left: Annie; Upper Right: yours truly; Lower Left, Robin; Lower Right, David Hunter.
I hope this group grows, and I hope we have as much fun every time, as we have had for the two times we've gotten together up to now.


  1. Like your tile for the DIva. What fun to be able to get together with others and create lovely tiles together.

  2. Very interesting how you simplified the tangles, I really like that! and I agree, your colours work well.

  3. I really like how you have spruced up all three of the challenge Tangles. Love the flow and energy of your Tile, and the sparkels are great. Fun and frisky. Well done.

  4. Can't wait to see the Ensemble finished. And I love the play of colours on your challenge tile (bramble Xyp - cool)

  5. Lovely colors that go together so very well. Great, this tangling group!

  6. Love the highlights on trio! ...and the xyp has a point (or two)...admire your work!

  7. great working of xyp and your trio is fabulous too - lovely art

  8. Heidi Sue - this is so cool and unusual!! Great job!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  9. I love that bit of color in your tile. Beautiful.

  10. Hmmm..maybe I should look up Zentangle groups in my area. Sounds like fun!

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