Wednesday, December 17, 2014

diva challenge 198:K.I.S.S.

Keep It Simple, Silly.

The diva hands us the challenge of going back to the beginning, and simplifying.

Zentangle came my way at the beginning of the summer, and the first youtube video demonstration for me was Auraknot. It is a lot easier now that I've had lots of practice...and not just with auraknot, but with pens and paper in generally.

this is my first tangle done on tiepolo paper, the same stuff official Zentangle (R) tiles are made of.

I like the rustic, hand drawn feel of this. Adding Tipple finished it.

one early favorite is Mr E, which I like because it is so striking, and the numerous lines are relaxing. This is an ATC featuring mr E in  a simple string.

My plan is to create a simple tile every day this week as a meditative exercise.

I have loads of images, as I have been following the diva challenges, but not able to post them. And this may be my last post. Depends on if my computer co operates. They found that my mother board is corrupted (?) and the repair is more expensive than a new laptop, but I can use it until it's all used up. This was the first thing i did with it.


  1. Two great Tiles, HeidiSue. The Tipple was a good touch. Tipple is like a find spice one would add in cooking, only it is for spicing up Tiles. Your Mr E is delightful. I find this pattern a great relaxer. It just does it's own thing and you, the artist, are just along for the ride. Well done.

  2. Both tiles are great! I like David, like the smattering of tipple and also the way Mr E just does it's own thing.

  3. Very nice tiles. I'm sure you've been very good all year...who knows, a new computer may be coming your way and we'll get to see more of your lovely work soon. Happy Holidays.

  4. What a great idea---to continue to do KISS tiles until the New Year as a stress reducer. Actually, it's a gift we can pull out whenever we need to. I a relative newbie tangler also (spring of this year) and it has made a difference in my life.

  5. Both are very pretty; good idea to do a simple tile every day, maybe we all should.

  6. Two super and beautifully simple tiles, HeidiSue. Hope your computer problems are soon resolved...I can't imagine being without mine.. Merry Christmas! Axxx

  7. Two beautiful tiles. I love how you used a minimal number of lines on Auraknot, this keeping it simple yet elegant. I like the MrE. also.

  8. I really love aura knot and it is perfect for this time of year and this challenge. Happy Holidays, Heidi Sue!

  9. I have always loved Mr, E, but I never think to use it. Wonderful and simple tiles!

  10. I like both of your tiles. Both address the challenge well. Good luck with your plan to do a daily meditative drawing.

  11. Very lovely, HeidiSue :) :) :)
    ~ Diane Clancy

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