Friday, November 20, 2015

Trippin on Tripoli

This week we are challenged by Laura Harms to create something using Tripoli. Oh! I had a hard time with this one. I love the pattern, truly, but for some reason I couldn't get my Tripoli mojo on.

There are several other projects I worked on, that also fell flat. Remember my minimalist crescent and stars from last week? Well, I tried a bunch of ways to do that one the opposite way, with tangles all around the moon and stars, leaving them white...and here are my efforts:

First attempt. I wanted to surround the shapes with dense swirly tangles.
Not too impressed.

Then this one, where I tried for lots of swirly stuff, more flow. The sort of flowy ripply stuff in the center was the best part of this one, but then I had to go put the lumpy curvy stuff on the edge.

so I started again....

so this one has the same ripples in the center, and I colored them in to make them more substantial, THEN packed the space around it all with denser, grid oriented tangles. You can see some Tripoli in there but ultimately I don't think this works, either. Maybe I'll figure something out...a little bit of research on negative space art.

Anyway, I also put in some practice on Tripoli, trying to put it in a piece that I liked. Ultimately, I traced a tile in my sketchbook and put a string in it...

 TanglePatterns String 182. Image © Linda Farmer and All rights reserved.

it came out okay. Shading it made a huge difference.

I followed through on the hexagon shape with Barney in the bottom right, and then a take on Static in the upper right. Some Sanibelle on the bottom to relieve all the lines and angles. At the very end I carried the Sanibelle to the edge, and the lines of the auras.

It sort of reminds me of I dunno...Stonehenge. Or ruins of an alien metropolis?

Isn't Barney fun? an old fave.

and then, because I REALLY wanted some curvy stuff so...

Got the idea for this from Helen Williams and just ran with it this afternoon.


  1. I really like your stars and moon series - neat idea, and all beautifully, thoughtfully done. But of all these pictures, my favourite is the last one - I get the feeling you really relaxed into letting it flow!

  2. I like your Tripoli, it's really a difficult one.

  3. Some wonderful tangling. I love the Tripoli peeking at the side of the traditional tile shape. Crescent Moons are quite difficult to draw and don't get me started about stars, but I like the way it turned out. The second one looks like the Milky Way, but the third looks like a bolt of lightening from that top star.

  4. All of your tiles are well done, but that last one looks so beautiful as it shows that you were just enjoying what you were doing.

  5. WOW! Wonderful work! Greetings, Anja

  6. Nice work, I really enjoy seeing your process. Your curvy piece is lovely too.

  7. You know, I bet if you let this sit awhile you will really like every one of these. I do. I know that sometimes when I first produce something, I really dislike it, but if I put it away and pull it out again later, I end up liking it very much. Not always--but more often than not! Try it.