Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Molygon Challenge

  string 13
In the Flow
I used Frond and quib with my molygon. (this is my second favorite)

The Diva Challenge this week was to use the new official tangle: Molygon! Oh what fun! and because I have a project of sorts going, where I'm using the strings from, one at a time just in my sketchbook...well, I just used strings 13, 14, 15, and 16 for this challenge.

Worms of Doom
I sure have been enjoying my personal project. It's got my creativity flowing. This one, "worms of doom" is string 14. There is lots of Lava Juice here, and that kind of wheel thing (Maybe that's similar to the old fave "Pepper"?) and I just made up that fringy looking stuff with an aura around it. I actually like this one the best, and second is "In the Flow" (see above)

Here we have Palm Party, string 15.
I had to add color, to bring out the palm tree effect.
The trunk is A-fog and would have
worked better lengthwise. Oh, well.

Palm Party

A Loverly Bunch of Coconuts
And here we have string 16, which ended up looking palm frondy too, especially with the two Purk type things. Also, Flux and a banner across the bottom.  When I added some teardrops to the molygons, they look more like orange slices now, or maybe some other fruit with seeds. But the Purk still look like two nuts hanging there. :)

Okay, so this was lots of fun. Now, back to my string project!


  1. Great work and variations. Your use of Quib reminds me of jellyfish. I like the way that yours intertwines.

  2. Lol, that post was a lot of fun. In the flow reminded me of a spinning top, but so clever to mix new Molygon in so fittingly with the other tangles. Your worms of doom is hilarious, those hugh jaws with teeth look awesome, and with that we were off to tropical islands and coconuts :-) Brilliant, all of it.

  3. What can I say, Heidi? I love them all. I really think I relate to worms of doom, because it is just so fun and besides, I am a sci-fi and fantasy fan, so it really speaks to me. But I love them all. All kinds of fun this week!

  4. You were quite busy and with beautiful outcome!!!