Saturday, February 6, 2016

Joey Challenge

Well, it took me long enough, but I finally looked at Joey's blog today, and found a Cayke challenge.

Right now, I'm going through the strings in order. I'll do as many as I want, one at a time, and so far I have 20 done.

This page has strings 9, 10, 11, and 12.

This is one of my favorites in this series:

C-bun gets a little steam punky with those rivet looking dots, and see there is Pinbawl, and my own Concert...with a cloud of (what is that pattern called?)

Well, anyway. I've been doing a few of these a day. They go quick because each one is only tile sized, and the strings define my parameters for me. I'm on quite a roll.

So, I was in the middle of my fifth page when I caught up with Joey's Challenge.


so, here is what I ended up with. It is string 19

TanglePatterns Strings 019

And I covered it with Cayke! along with scallops or some such pattern.

then colored it, some. Oh, there is some Ripple in the center.

Put it in Your Cayke Hole

I was really trying for the depth that the string has in it, and I think it would have worked better if I hadn't had a section colored the same as the center part. But...if you hold it at arms' length, it does have some depth. I enjoyed this a lot. Fun!

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  1. Wonderful Cayke, with lovely layers and layers of icing, I think that pattern you were wondering about is called Noodles