Thursday, September 1, 2016

Diva Spill AND Joey's "traveling" Tile Challenges

This week, what fun! The Diva Laura Harms spilled and got inspired hahahaha

so, the idea is to slosh your coffee or your tea or what have you, onto a tile, and tangle.

So tangle away, I did!

I started by stirring my green tea with lemon and honey with the mug sitting on the tile. Some good little sloshes...that didn't show up AT ALL. Except now there's a shiny sticky spot from the honey, probably. With green tea not really working, I put some frozen berries on the tile, let them thaw, and ended up with a lovely purple splotch.

I wish I had taken before pics, because the splotch was interesting, sort of like a gingko leaf. Oh, well. As it was, narwal came to mind so I tried it. And niuroda and  some printemps and maryhill.

Narwal kind of disappears into the splotch/niuroda area. I need to practice that one some more. 

Now, for Joey's challenge. Finishing a tile someone else starts is pretty cool. I may have to jump in at FB and see what it's all about. :) In the mean time, here is the Joey challenge. 

the tangle is Villers #2 

and this is what I did with it. 

It has been a while since I did anything on toned paper, and I had some gray card stock so I went with it.
When I started this, I wasn't liking it much, but putting the highlights on along with the shading was so much fun, and it ended up looking a lot cooler. Too bad about that graphite in the upper left...the glare! But it doesn't look like that in person.

Both of these were fun challenges. I want to get out my "spill" tiles from when Laura presented this as a challenge a few years ago.

  this was berry juice, too. And I was scared of color, didn't know what to do with it, so I did this funky alien cave thing. ha! It was fun then, and it is fun now. 


  1. I love the Niroda-Narwal merging on your Diva tile. The whole thing looks like a fantastical sea creature. I love it. I really like your Throwback spill piece;-)

  2. The sea creature? Mr. Limpet! I'd know him anywhere! Your gray tile is gorgeous! Love those highlights!

  3. WOW, that purple spot is beautiful and what you tangled on it makes it gorgeous!!!

  4. Two beautiful tiles and I love that purple! Come join us in the Travelling Tangles project, its fun!

  5. 2 completely different but 2 beautiful tiles. I like the color and the way you have drawn Niuroda on the first one.
    About the second,I love the way how you connect the tangles, that is so well done and with the white highlights is this my favorite for this week!

  6. I'm drawn to the eye and teeth of your deep sea creature. It's amazing what can come from a spill.

    1. Oh my gosh, and what IS that dripping from his nose! hahahahaha! excellent. I will never unsee this!

  7. Both your spill tiles are great, I really enjoy your kooky, fun second version.

  8. Hi Heidi Sue, thanks for coming to visit, I just wanted to let you know I've posted the step out for that new tangle, if you want to come by again and have a look! I've enjoyed having another look at your "Villers No 2" tile - love what you did with that tangle.