Thursday, September 15, 2016

Joey and Diva joint challenge entry

Just a quick post today.

For some reason, tripoli doesn't really turn me on. I see other people's works and find them enjoyable to look at, but I can't get into it much. I did a page with a variety of tripoli's on it, and didn't like it. Then I thought of my little stash of bijou tiles, and this is what I made:

Coloring these was fun. See the little inchy in the upper right. Just a smidgen of tripoli.

Because I like the star pattern created when you get a little way into tripoli, I made three, with different interiors.

Then I went with that sort of rounded effect that happens when you go forward with tripoli.
And of all of them, I think this is my favorite.

a tripoli star, with some tripoli in prisma, in the background.So, got that out of the way. Maybe if I played with it some more, I'd really like tripoli. It's okay just not my fave.

Joey continues with the delightful challenge of giving us a tile with a bit of a start on it, like the traveling tangles FB page. This week, tipple in the corners!

And this is what I made. It is still in progress.

 The main string is a letter M, because it might end up being for a co worker named Megan. I need to at least do some shading, and then decided what to do with it. Maybe it'll end up staying in my sketchbook.

And, speaking of traveling tangles, I created three and posted them, and expecting to see three tiles in my mail. I can't wait!

I sent these out...soon to find something in my mailbox!


  1. I'm having a lovely week for happy mail, hope you get some soon! I don't love tripoli either, but it was my first attempt. These are all lovely!

  2. Your Joey's tile is lovely and about Tripoli, I didn't like that pattern but I exercised and suddenly I understand this tangle and it has become one of my faves.
    I like your blue one very much.

  3. Nice work with a tangle you aren't fond of. I really like the one that expands forward with the purple!

  4. My favourite is your little purple tile. Shelley Beauch uses Tripoli a lot. Have a look at how she uses it and you'll be a convert.

  5. Wonderful variety of Tripoli! Especially I like the blue Tripoli star!

  6. I'm with Ria on the blue one ;) The rest of your work is lots of fun. Lucky Megan!