Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hey Aquafleur!

Heh, whenever I read or say the name of this pattern, Jethro Tull comes into my mind hahaha Hey Aqualung! ha!

Well enough of that.

A lot has happened since my last post. I got really sick with cellulitis about three weeks ago, and am still feeling the effects. It weakens me, so that when I do the slightest thing, my heart thuds and I get out of breath. There's that.  But on the 12th, even though I didn't feel up to it, I went to a job interview...and got offered the job two hours later. :) I'm excited about that! And sad to leave my current job, where I've been for five years. But the new job is a seven dollar per hour increase in pay. Noice, eh?

And, about one week ago someone stole my wallet. *sigh* I do NOT like that...there was a chunk of cash in it, part of Wylie's share of the rent. Honestly. And yes, still exhausted from the cellulitis. Rough. Lots of stupid paperwork type things to deal with, no lie...and me worn down already. I only have so many spoons a day, and bank errands take a LOT of spoons.

Still playing with that amazing baby!

 he started smiling this past week, and it is SO MUCH FUN!
Duck lips? really....

 Smiley boy!

The Diva Challenge this week was to use Aquafleur in a tile. I had already put the string for IAST #200 on paper,


 and used C-perfs, the pattern that Adele created for this big anniversary. So I started with that string, and got this:

I like the way Aquafleur goes "under" for part of it, and I really want to play with C-perfs...lots of scope for creativity!

a few other little things...

Stephanie Drewa, from The Traveling Tangles Project on FB gifted me this amazing set of started ATC's...she put a few patterns on each one, going through the abc's. And I finished, using patterns on the opposite end of the alphabet! Still working on it.

and last but not least, an old piece I found when I decluttered a bit around the art supply area

Funny how much you like something so much when you put it aside for a time then look at it again...
Maybe I'll put this one up in my new desk, at my new job...


  1. So much lovely work! You Travelling Tangles finishes are awesome as usual. That baby is absolutely delightful! Congratulations on the new job 😉

  2. Your Aquafleur tile is lovely and so is the rest. Hope you feel better by now!!! Sorry about the loss of your wallet, I hate people stealing.

  3. Wow, Heidi ... sounds like you've had a rough patch. I hope you are feeling better. Cellulitis is horrible! And on top of that a stolen wallet. I'm so sorry. On the bright side though, your tangle work is beautiful as always. AND you have a new job! The tangle piece that you are thinking of putting up at your new job is beautiful and should brighten your area a lot. Absolutely love that baby; I can't get over how wise he looks. Feel better and tangle on when you can. Hugs!

  4. Just a little bit on your plate---eh. (I'm not Canadian. I'm just giving them a shout (eh) out because today is the 150th anniversary of their founding as a nation---not counting their indigenous nations. My favorite tile in the collection you've shared is the fourth one from the bottom. It has a lot going on----all good. I hope things start looking up for you. A $7/hr raise is good for a start.

  5. Lots of great work. The highlighting on the Aquafleur is really great. That piece you found is a real gem. Have fun finishing it. Has a great flow all ready.

  6. That is called life. Every once in a while it throws a stone or 2 into your way...or a boulder. Nope, no like my wallet stolen either, but what are you doing walking around with half a rent's money? Tip: walk around with an empty wallet and I promise, it will not get stolen. Double hi-light...triple it! Your TTs scare me. I wouldn't know what to do with them and you found great solutions. Jeez, these kids grow fast!

    1. Oh I know!~ I am SO ticked at myself for not going to the bank before the grocery store that day. Honestly...