Sunday, July 9, 2017

Diva and Joey and Pass and Paste! And Orion!

there's a few here today. I'm including the Diva Challenge and Joey's,, but I thought I'd lead with a challenge on swap bot, because there are a few people who might be interested to see how the "pass and paste" turned out.

Pass and paste is similar to the Traveling Tangles project, but it involves four artists and a "round robin" type postcard. You make a blank postcard out of card stock, divided into four sections, and the first artist creates something in one of the squares. Four lines on the back, where each artist can put their name, or something about what they've created. Then you put your own address ans a stamp on it, slip it in an envelope, and mail it to the next person, who does something in one of the squares USING AN ELEMENT OR TWO from the completed squares, and then sends it to the next, until all four sections are filled up. Neat, eh?

In my case, I got a card that already had three squares filled in, and I did the lower right square to finish it, and I just popped it in the mail to Barbara, whose address was on it.

This is what I received:

Lots of Knightsbridge some Onomato, I see Tagh, Hollibaugh, Aah, Tipple, Well, and I JUST LOVE the pearlized perfs in the upper right. The impressive, swirly pattern in the upper right...I think that is Joki...Cecily, could you correct me if I'm wrong?

Oh! and the red roses are fabric that have been appliqued to the card...neat, huh?

Well, using some of the patterns straight off these sections, I went for it:

the roses inspired me, so I made a bunch of String Roses

a tutorial for string roses here

then wanted something water looking, so Nippa which continued the curve started in Knightsbridge...and I did teeny tiny Knightsbridge "under" the nippa. Then I picked up the Well from the upper right, Tagh from the upper left, with Beelight curves in there, and finished off with some Hollibaugh in the very back. This was fun to do, and I've put two "starts" in the mail, and can hardly wait to see what everyone does with them.

I also created something for the Diva Challenge this week. The theme was "home"...well, I live in a high rise apartment, on the fifth floor, so I started with that (Dex):

check that Cubine in there...don't know why, just wanted it in there.

Then I put in favorite patterns (the ones I feel 'at home' with, eh?) such as Hollibaugh, Fricle, N'Zeppel, Flux, Shnek, Jute, some more Nippa with a few individual Cypresses swirls, and ribbons, with black perfs. Oh...Printemps!And for a change of pace, I did all my shading with pen rather than favorite part is where Hollibaugh and Printemps are playing together.

And at long last I come back to the Joey Challenge...she presented us with an auraknot string, and asked us to do stars. I was just in the mood for Auraknot, so that's what I did, after putting the string on a sort of splotchy tile:

with some tipple in the corners...If I were to use a tile like this again, I'd incorporate the splotchiness into the string more. But...this isn't too bad. Oh, there's Hollibaugh weaving in among the auraknot auras, too.

Orion started smiling last week! what fun!

Oh....I LIKE you, Opa!

full of smiles

Wylie makes a great Opa

the wonderful thing about this boy right now is that he wants to be held while sleeping...mama doesn't think it's all that great but every Gramma I've talked to about this says Yay! babies asleep in arms! I mean, we even managed a big shopping day the other day...when Mama was trying on things, YaYa held the baby...and when I needed to select and try on, Mama held him. He made it through a feeding and two naps while we circulated around the thrift store. Just wonderful!
well aren't you interesting to look at.


  1. Lovely pics of a proud Opa and a wonderful laughing Orion, so cute!!!
    I like Hollibaugh weaving into your Auraknot, made on a nice splotchy tile and your Diva's tile is original and beautiful.
    "pass and paste" is a great idea, love it!

  2. Wow! all of your art is amazing. I love that "pass & paste" concept. OMG the smiles!

  3. Fantastic pieces. Your high rise building is fun, but I sure love those baby smiles!

  4. Great tiles and all but isn't a grandchild a wonderous thing. When my last granddaughter was born she slept in my arms for two nights while we let my daughter in law sleep. That really bonded us. Too bad she lives 600 miles away from us. Enjoy, it goes even quicker than our own kids did.

  5. Beautiful tiles all of them. Oh, yes, that Hollibaugh almost got lost among all the Auraknot lines. Love the Tipple in it. And I can see you on the fifth the kitchen. Are you holding your Grandchild in your arms? What a beautiful baby, Heidi, I am sure you burst with pride each time you see him.

  6. Great challenges! Love the splash of colour on the Auraknot. Your little Grandbaby is absolutely adorable!!!

  7. Beautiful work - and I love what you did with Auraknot! Thank you for participating in my challenge!