Friday, September 15, 2017

Quickly Now

This will be a quick one. I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and decided to do a blog post. is a link to my newest pattern BOSCH  

I used it in a regular zentangle tile with N'zeppel
Bales, Leaflet, and Neuron

My challenges:

The Diva assigned square strings this week.

 My string...gee wiz, my wobbly border!

 I decided, since the string was squares, that I would use patterns featuring circles...Onomato with a few Scruffles, Nippa, Hopscotch, Go4th, Widgets...and then saw Equare, but it needed Wud eh?

I did do Joey's challenge last week, but haven't got it done for this week yet.

I'll have a pic with everything together, next time.

Then, because I was still in bosch mode, I decided to do the String thing challenge (but I didn't enter it)

Jetties, Lollywimple, Purk...and I threw Bosch into the mix
And then, since I was in the mood for my own patterns, I created a page with ONLY my patterns on it:

Torsdag, Starsket, Flysh, Tso, Spie, Nugget, Gala, Pillarph, Bosch

In the Traveling Tangle world I had the MOST delightful surprise, as Sue Bailey posted a long ago swap, with her finish:

Isn't this SO impressive! I love it!

And, my final swap bot swap: an avocado themed ATC:

this goes out tomorrow

this arrived yesterday

Of course, the big news all week was Hurricane Irma, and I made this with all that mayhem in mind:

Niuroda, N'zeppel, Diva Dance, Tipple, Printemps,
some triskadons and some triangles.

The new family has been out of town for two weeks, helping Orion's other gramma after knee surgery, so i don't have new pics...but these will do.

I sure do miss him.

see you next time!


  1. Wonderful tiles with wonderful ideas :-))

  2. I like your new pattern BOSCH! And the tile for your 9er mosaik in shining colors is wonderful.

  3. The Diva tile is lovely! Hope you could sleep after blogging :-)

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  5. I❤your tiles!! Especially your Avocado! I'm going to play with Bosch right now! I'd love to know how Orion got his name!... he's way too cute.... I want to pinch his cheeks! Lol!