Friday, October 20, 2017

Minimalist Post Today?

The Diva created a tangle and named it after her amazing little boy Artoo.  Artoo has always reminded me of the Japanese Lantern:

This week's challenge was to use Artoo, and this is what I did with it:

Artoo, purk, pokeroot, b'twined, schnek and something fescu looking
but it isn't Fescu

It is pleasing EVERY time, to make an aura around a section then put something in behind...add shading and viola! One of my very favorite techniques.

Joey also has a challenge this week...a Cube string, looking 3-D and use B-tween .... well, here you have it:

This is actually the FRONT of the tile that I did the Diva challenge on. I've been doing that lately. Turning a tile over and tangling on the back. Well this one came from a batch I made with the tissue transfer coloring method.

I was hoping the side and top would look more 3-D but the way they look over lapping on the edges is nice. Makes up for it a bit.

And that's it.

Except one more pic...Orion had a baby blessing, and I brought a gift for him...and his mom put the ribbon on his head...

Jolly baby!

he was a hoot...kept on busy with his playthings, but he'd toss his head back and forth, making the little sparkly tendrils dangle before his eyes.


  1. That tile for and with Artoo is beautiful!

  2. Artoo is very much like Japanese Lantern plant! Your tile is great.

  3. Great tiles Heidi! What a sweet smile;-)

  4. Wonderful tiles! Especially I llike your Artoo tile. Lovely choice of tangles.
    What a cute little boy 😃!