Saturday, February 24, 2018

Quick blog post

It's late Saturday night, and I haven't made a blog post, but I've gotten three challenges done, and actually quite a few other things. So...maybe this will just be a showcase for some recent pieces.

The Diva challenge was to use nested hearts as a string. Mine weren't concentric hearts, but imbedded. And when I got done filling them with patterns, I ended up with something that might be on a dresser top in a rococo boudoir!

Joey has started another series of "finish my tile" tiles...yay! So we copy what she's made and run with it...I did a duo tangle...Onomato and Hi-bred. I sure enjoyed playing with Hi-bred.
This is the String Thing entry. This is my favorite piece of the week, probably because Golven is one of my favorite patterns and I also love Barney. Anyway, this one I call Jewels on the Beach.
 This is the string! I stretched it over the entire page in my sketchbook, and the string REALLY disappeared! ha! However, for a reference point, the second black Perl from the left is the original circle in the string!

 Made some more bookmarks
There's some Golven!
This is her start

One of the most fun things in my life right now is the Traveling Tangles Project on Facebook, where you start a tile and send it by snail mail to someone who does the ssame for you...a little swap that means getting some happy mail a few times a month. So much fun!

Jules Mack and I swapped....
This is how I finished it...Another favorite!  

Just look at my angel sweet baby bum!

Orion is nine months old, and enjoys being up steadying himself on the furniture. 
Here, he was eyeballing the cat or something up on the couch.  
I'm going to go hang out with him and his parents tomorrow. Many more pictures to be taken!

Thanks for reading and commenting!


  1. Indeed!!!! You got a lot done and big, too, Heidi. Great job on that traveling tile. I like little details like the right border ending similar to the given circle line. But the best is the IAST one, I agree with you. You cut the tile!!!! Can you hear the clapping noise here? What a genius idea! And... who cares about the string? Show hands!..... Good. No hands showed. Enjoy the day with your extended fam.

  2. My favorite this week is your IAST tile. I like the free interpretation. But the others are very beautiful too, especially the romantic nestet Hearts and the traveling tangle.

  3. I like the way your hearts are piled up.

  4. Love your layered hearts! And Orion is the cutest!!

  5. Wow you did accomplish a lot this week but just like when I visit Susie's blog I tend to forget the Tangles with her animal pics I get all awwww when I see the grandbaby! Awwww2 :)


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