Monday, September 29, 2014

Blind String: Diva challenge 187

the challenge from Diva Laura Harms   this week is to make a blind string, and fill it with tangles!

It's been fun. I'm still doing it, but have finished two tiles. The first one, I took a pic with my camera before starting the tangles.

The second one, i took the picture of the empty string with my phone...and for some reason it's not letting me email it to myself. So...I have a pic of the string for the first tile, and not for the second tile.

Today I received a shipment of pens from Blick, which is an online art supply. Excellent prices! I bought six micron pens in 01, and six in 03, a blue/black in 05, and a burgundy in 05. I'll add more colors as I go. Green would be good. is my first string:

I was surprised by how scribbly it was!

And this is what I did with it:

The Salt Lake area has an amusement park called Lagoon, and this tile reminds me of it, but twisted, so I call it "Lagoon on Acid" hahahaha! Yeah, that's the kind of mood I'm in.
Patterns: suckees, aquafleur, truffles, ojo, twile, fescu, bales, and my own concert. (the "rays" thing on top of the bales) and made simple lines to fill in the background. 

and, here is my second tile, sorry there is no empty string to offer. It was a  "calmer" string, with broader strokes and less busy-ness.

In this one, i played with my  new burgundy pen. Phicops, stripes, coil, n'zeppel, shattuck (with my own crax) and a little bit of flux. A simple background of aura'ed stripes.Minimalist shading in this one. I used my 005 pen on the n'zeppel and coil, and some pencil on the phicops and shattuck.

And I am playing with another blind string on yellowish card stock and another in my sketchbook.

It's fun finding the patterns to fit all the shapes in the random string shapes.


  1. I love your first string - it is such a complex one! It turned out so pretty! I love how you tangled in all those little corners and spaces :)

    I like what you did with Phicops in your second tile :D Your second string must have looked amazing too, pity about your phone - mine misbehaves regularly as well, so I know how that feels! :P

    Have a great week!

  2. That must have been a surprise when you opened your eyes after doing the first string, but you certainly made it work. And, I also really like the second one too. We have a Blick's Art Supply store within walking distance of our apartment. It's very dangerous for me to get anywhere near there with a credit card.

  3. Lovely to have new pens! Wow, your first string looked almost impossibly complicated but you've turned it into a really beautiful tile. The second has a gorgeous burgundy sheen!

  4. Great Tiles, Heidi Sue. Lagoon on Acid, what a great title, is so full of action. Love the flow and your blind string is like a swiss watch. Love your patterns in both Tiles. Very effective, the burgundy color in the second Tile. The .005 pen lays down a very fine line. Wonderful results. Well done.

  5. Both are great! I love the playfulness of the first one and the touch of red in the second.

  6. excellent work.. I really like the first one - so much fun. Love the touch of colour in the second. I really like my coloured pens - they can add just that little bit extra.

  7. Both are beautiful! Very imaginative! I love them both!!

  8. Luck you to get such nice new pens. When I looked at the first string, I wondered how you could get anything out of that and you used it so well. I thought it would be cluttered, but you chose sections carefully and wound up with a beautiful tile. I love the red and the shimmer in your second tile! Groovy! (Secret joke with HeidiSue!)

  9. Both are great! I was surprised to see how you turned your scribbly string into a calm and balanced tile!

  10. Great work starting from a very demanding string. Well done!

  11. I prefer the second one, but the first one is very nice as well!

  12. Beautiful tiles. I like the color in the second one. The Microns come in three great green colors in the 05. One of them is kind of olive colored and I love it.

  13. Your last time in particular is amazing!!! I got behind but I am here now :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

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