Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kozy and U tangles and Jane Monk Patterns

This week is packed with  new stuff. I haven't ever done anything with ANY of the tangles I used for these pieces.

Over at Joey's Place, we are up to the letter K in our alphabet wanderings. Kozy!

And SuzyMosh has us playing with new to us U patterns, plus the tangles of Jane Monk, who has lots of fun patterns to play with.

So I'll begin with my piece for the Suzy challenge.

for this one I used a micron 1 pen

I started with Daniel's Undu, a newly published pattern at There are also two patterns by Jane Monk: strata and connector, which you can see in the upper right and also some strata nestled in the oxbow curve of my undu near the bottom center. Then, up & down from tanglepatterns. I played with that one quite a bit, and enjoyed how it seems to alternate between lozenge, diamond, circle...except where I put it in that curved border on the right, and did some little embellishments in the junctions.

Shading and some glints here and there. It turned out okay. Undu is pretty cool with the shading, and relaxing to draw, and I want to play with up & down a lot more.

Over at Joey's, we're playing with Kozy.

 I didn't know where to start, not wanting to take up a full page in a sketchbook. But as I riffled through my papers and art supplies, brown struck me as a good color for this sort of organic, shell shaped tangle.

seashells? Or chocolates?

There was a brown card stock tile, and I chose my sepia micron 01 for the Kozy. Shading with dark brown prismacolor pencil, and highlights with rose pink prisma. There are some spirals and I outlined the part that got heart shaped, in brown sparkle gel pen.
It's very glittery in real life. I pinned it to my cubicle wall.


  1. Nice work HeidiSue! I love what you did with "Kozy", especially the shapes you've achieved by not having the initial s-curves all ending at the same point. I'm gonna have to try that too. I'm a little obsessed with "Kozy" now;-) Thank you for your visits to my blog and leaving such generous and thoughtful comments.

  2. Beautiful, HeidiSue! I love using the sepia on brown with pink highlights.

  3. I love how you contrasted the soft curves of Undu with the Connector and Strata from Jane Monk. It really works! I love the Kozy on the brown paper. It is so soft and smooth looking, like a polished stone relief. Wonderful!

  4. You always see the funny side in tiles, and the top part looks like an angel. Beautiful work.

  5. Both tiles have come out well. You have managed to get so many different shapes into the Monotangle. I tried Undo as well, but after making the first turns away from the original line I can't see where you should go next and I get stumped. Yours has come out brilliantly and is perfect for the challenge.

  6. This is beautiful on the brown paper with the sepia pen! I love this look with the bit of white, love it!
    ~ joey ~

  7. Nice work! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge!

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