Friday, August 21, 2015

Undulating on the Curve; Playing with The Crescent Moon

The Tangleation Vocation presented at The Tangle Corner by Daniel this time is to go crazy with Crescent Moon. Confession: crescent moon was one of my first patterns to play around, the first one where I really let go and did whatever the heck I wanted. My first venture into "What is the art DOING?" and I made a piece that I really liked, so I present it here, although it was created about a year ago.

It reminds me of a Carnival!
This was so much fun to do and though my lines weren't as sure in those days, I still really like this one.

The challenge over at the Diva's Place comes from guest CZT Sharla Hicks, and she considers S and C curves to be most delicious, particularly the undulations involved. WHAT FUN! Most of my favorite tangles are curved like that, and I was delighted to have this challenge.What shall I do? Which pattern should I choose! so excited!...and then I got utterly stumped. A dry spell washed over me, and I had not an iota of creativity anywhere in me.

I tried putting a string down...FLOP. Tried free forming...KERPLOP. Nothing but NOTHING was working. No matter what pattern I thought of playing with, I couldn't make anything that was pretty to  look at. Even those lovely S's and C's let me down.

Well, I did complete a couple of pieces that feature that curvy undulation heavily...such as this one:

the photo is blurry. Sorry.
Leaflet in several incarnations, and there is Neil Burley's pineapple there in the center right, and what IS that pattern called, with the C's switching back and forth....I even included a wavy, undulating passel of ribbony stuff there on the bottom right corner.

I thought this might do, but then I decided to make something with a new pattern. 
New to me, anyway,

So, at the back of my current sketchbook is a pattern I tried out for something that Suzy Mosh recently gave us, to use A tangles...and Ace by Sandy Hunter was one that I tried out.

It starts with an S curve, and then a C curves right into the hollows made by the S. Lots of fun! so I played with it a while.

something aura'ed
 I did a lot of singles, and then had the idea of stringing them together, as in a border. And that's what I started with for the piece I finally ended up making.

Everything on here is Ace, except the niuroda up in the right corner, and it has Ace in the center, and also some Printemps piled up around the bottom.

Now, the thing with Ace is, it starts on an S curve, and you make the C curve come up from the "outer" edge of both curves in the S. In other words, a proper Ace is two directional. You can see it in the little individual Aces I made.

BUT, I started with that frond of Aces, all plant looking on the left margin...and they all go the same direction. The same with the rays...they are uni-directional.

It wasn't until I started filling in with individual Aces, that I realized...the long frondy connected Aces all go the same direction! But they look pretty, don't they?

Well, at any rate, I certainly did play around with this. As I put the lighter, smaller samples of Ace in there, it began feeling like and underwater scene, with bubbles and seaweed and such. I used sepia micron 01 pen, and shaded with prismacolor Tuscan Red and Dark Brown.

So, that completes my challenges for this week. I don't know what this dry spell is all about, but I hope it's over soon. 


  1. Beautiful, all of what you show us this week.

  2. Beautiful work. It is fun to explore sometimes just to see what happens. Love your final piece. Great underwater characteristics.Not familiar with Ace. May have to experiment with it a little. I really like the one in the lower right corner.

  3. You really had fun with this challenge! I love that you shared your sketchbook entries, as it speaks to your creative process. I really love what you did with Ace. I forgot all about that one! Excellent!

  4. I love being able to see another artist's process. Really great pieces.

  5. I'm writing this from a beach town, so your final beach scene definitely caught my eye. It looks like I need to check out "ace". Thanks for giving us chapter and verse on your process. I'm always interested in how tanglers ended up where they did.

  6. Everybody has a day spell every now and then, sometimes 'it' isn't there for a short while. Lovely work anyway! I hope (and think!) your day spell will soon be gone.

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