Thursday, August 13, 2015

Suzy and Daniel challenges

Today I offer a double entry, one for SuzyMosh and one for Daniel at The Tangle Corner.

Daniel gave us the assignment in his Tangleation Vocation, to play with and tangle-ate Shattuck. I had fun with this one, and did a little variety plate on a page in my sketchbook.

The original pattern is on the left, then I put my own crax in there, as the separating lines. The middle has some larger sized elements, and I threw some wavy stuff in there. I think that is the version I want to play with more.

There is a quite large one across the right...a la' Lori Byerly, whose style is admirable and one I want to emulate. Finished up on the bottom right with more crax, this time crossing them, and filling with shattuck. Fun challenge, Daniel!

SuzyMosh challenges us with A patterns, and because we've had A before, we have a guest CZT that is Karry Huen. Karry has some of my very favorite patterns, such as summer sitter, which I have played with a lot; sand swirl that shows up in lots of artworks; landgirlz which I enjoyed so much in a L challenge and her newest delight is Frost Flower. FUN!

The A pattern I decided on was Aztec by Neil Burley which you see in the left middle and lower right. It's kind of a square, stacky thing. Very cool looking. For the patterns by Karry, I put sand swirl in to balance the square Aztec, and then decided to throw summer sitter in, which I did all wrong but didn't realize until I'd got them almost all done. Summer sitter is really an elegant pattern, a little bit like Mi2 but based on lozenges in an X where Mi2 has more an inverted V shape. I guess.
This tile was pre-colored by me with Derwent water color pencils and water. This did clog up my micron forest green .05 pen a little bit, and if you could turn over the tile, you'd see where I had to scribble a bit to get the ink flowing again.

Oh, I am disappointed in that Summer Sitter. The colors of the tile are nice, and that sand swirl is yummy.


  1. Lovely combination/balance of patterns for the TNTM challenge. Whatever you did with Summer Sitter looks good. Just a variation, not a mistake, right???

  2. Love your choices, especially the sand storm and the way you drew it into the border. I have wondered if the watercolour would clog up the pens, thanks for the info I shall make sure I use my cheaper pens if I do it.

  3. I wouldn't be too disappointed...still looks nice. Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

  4. It looks awesome! Disappointed!? No. That turned out really done well. Great job with that tangle Shattuck. It's a fun one but challenging! Sarah


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