Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tangle Strings

This week's Diva Challenge is to use a tangle pattern as a string. I did a couple of tiles, and enjoyed both of them a lot!

But also this past week, I went with last week's theme of "Old School, Basic Zentangle" and made myself an ensemble, of six tiles

You can sort of see the string here. It was a 3x2 ensemble, and I just put all six tiles together, and made the string over all six.
Here I've got three of the tiles done. Each tile was like doing the Diva challenge for last week: quiet, meditative, breathing, in the moment...

 One thing that would have made this a lot more fun would have been if there had been six people, each person taking one tile, and putting it all together, like in a zentangle class....

but that's not happening right now, so I got to do the next best thing.


LaBel, Floatfest, DivaDance, Pineapple, Rixty, Meeko, opus, Concert, B'tweed, Brax, Fishnet, Hollibaugh, Undling, Aquafleur, Flez, Ennies, N'zeppel, (with my crax in the lines) Flux,  some ribbons and tipple, Macramee,Frond, Punzel, N'Zeppel, Buttercup, Bubblz, Pais, ArcFlower, Cadent,
Putki, Axlexa,

and several random beadlines, tipple, ribbony things, and sparkles.

So that's what I did while waiting for this week's Diva challenge! ha!

It was a fun challenge, too. Use a tangle as a string.

My first one, I was in a Meringue mood, so I put that on as my string:

 this is the string with a couple of patterns.
This is my Meringue String
Three tangles in each "leaf", and some Meringue leaves off to the sides. This was fun!

Then I thought W-2 would be fun to play with

Here's the string...and when it came time to put tangles in it, I thought


and look what I ended up with

It ended up a monotangle and how cool it looks! I want to try it with the "twisty" version of paradox, so each section of W2 is a bit more distinct.

Fun challenge, Creative week.


  1. Oh wow. You have been quite productive this week. I like your mosaic and your tangles within a tangle tiles are quite inspired. The W-2 filled with Paradox is really cool. (Do people say "cool" anymore?)

  2. I love your ensemble, when the tiles are drawn in the Zentangle method it is fun to see how the ensemble turns out. Then it is fun to turn them all around again and see how that turns out etc.etc. I haven't seen Hollibaugh drawn in that fashion before, it reminds me of a door or window that is boarded up.

    Great diva challenge that paradox has turned out amazing, but I love the Merigue. By the way, I just wanted to say that I do visit when you post elsewhere (can't remember if it is Flickr or Pinterest) but don't have the ability to post comments, just think of me as a friendly ghost and know that I am around :-)

  3. Your ensemble is wonderful and I really love the way your tangles in tangles came out! Beautifully done!

  4. The ensemble is very beautiful and so is you Diva tile.