Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's all VI's

hahaha gettit? My title means "It's all sixes" ...or, six of one, half dozen of the other which also means "I have no preference" ... because six and half dozen are the same thing. So, it is a six mile journey going THIS way, and it's about a half dozen miles to get there going THAT way. Sixes.

well, that is the Roman numeral challenge this week at Joey's. We're up to VI.

I had my tile out, with the VI string on it, at work. I was leafing through my sketchbook, where I've been practicing new patterns, and some "buried treasure" samples, from tanglepatterns.com. Among the new patterns is D'rua, a fun "one line" tangle that reminds me of ghosts or idols. Well, I did a page with D'rua on it, (the new one for that week) and on the buried treasure page posted, there was flovine, rain, and hurry. I practice them on one page and ended up with something that looked sort of cactusy.

That was the page I leafed to when I had my tile out on the desk at work. It struck me how good D'rua would look in that V and flovine is a ribbonish pattern just right for the narrow spaces on the top and bottom. I was aiming for the cactus scape I had on the sketchbook page, so for the I of the VI I wanted something prickly. Flipping through the practice pages I found a random pattern, not from tanglepatterns.com.

It is called Vovz by Judy Murphy  fun and easy to draw, and with it being so spiky, I thought it would fit in with the cactusy look I was aiming for, and easy to work along a straight line.

It looked pretty good, until I put the tipple in there. Hmph.

so this morning, I started another tile. Left the TV off, and went through the zentangle process of breathing, and gratitude for the materials, and opening my creativity before starting.

and this is my second tile. It took me about an hour, counting the quiet contemplation before I started

It is Mooka, Rashell, and a pattern I can't find! but I think it is called Erbluen and it also isn't on tanglepatterns.com.

the shading on this second one is all stippling which I just love. along with weighting the lines, it is a really good method for shading. This piece is more architectural somehow. The rashell looks like the capital of a column. with the mooka there, it sort of looks like an overgrown Greek temple ruin.


  1. I wouldn't have missed tipple for the world! 😃😃😃 No hmphs here. 😂 Love both tiles, but the first has this vibrancy that's really amazing. 😍

  2. Lovely pieces! I really love that Mooka tile;-)

  3. I really like your first tile. In my opinion, it's definitely more attractive than the second.

  4. I love both, it is hard to decide because different methods have been used and they both have something to say.