Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Shattuck and Steampunk

Over at the Diva's place, it is a monotangle challenge, and Shattuck is the star. That was one of the first patterns I learned. With the repetitive lines, I find it very relaxing and started a page in my big book, but that one wants more than one pattern, so...

well, I played around a bit, and this is what I came up with:

The sparkles! the shading! 

Last week was a St Paddy's Day challenge, which I didn't do until yesterday...

It started out kind of "meh" but at the end, I like it.

And I thought I'd share this with you. For a reason that I can't remember, steampunk grabbed me this past week, and I made these:

from a photo of a brooch

with shading

As I was working on this one, I decided this would be what I give my co worker who requested a piece for her cubicle. Here's a cool little synchronicity: Sam (who asked for the art) is dating Jarick (who is my manager at work)...and Jarick actually has some pretty cool samples of ZIA here and there. For instance, a cardboard cup...all done up with zentangle ish stuff. Sam already has a couple of his things in her station, and now she'll get my first big time steampunk piece.

I have been exploring patterns that are conducive to steampunk, and wanted to recommend Molossus. If you search her name on Pinterest, you'll find a lot of suitable patterns. with plans of filling up some pages in my big book.

Maybe this little guy is my steampunk inspiration
This finch is from a Ben Kwok template, which I found on the FB page "Ornation Creation" His little waistcoat seemed rather Victorian so...
He was A LOT of fun!

blessings, all and thank you in advance for comments. I lurve comments. 


  1. Lovely work all of it. Your steampunk work is awesome, I must Google Steampunk and see what it consists of exactly, but I sort of get the idea - the opposite of your lovely little bird really :-)

    1. I think it is the little waistcoat...it's just so Victorian England...the epitome of steampunk. But yeah, he isn't all geared up or anything. Just... proper and trim and turn of the century, like steampunk is.

  2. The tile of Shattuck is very nice, the shadows on the curls give a special effect.
    Your steampunk art is also attractic. I'm fond of the little
    guy, he is beautifull

  3. ohmigosh! I just love your sketchbook work. That Steampunk page is wonderful and I love that bird. All of your work here is lovely.

  4. Your Shattuck monotangle is very nice, but your steampump is awesome. Now, I have to go look up "steampump".

  5. Your Shattuck monotangle is very nice, but your steampump is awesome. Now, I have to go look up "steampump".

  6. All I did was come to look at your Diva Challenge and an hour later, having also visited the Pinterest page you mentioned, I've decided I have to try some steam punk. see what you've done?

  7. Like the Finery-like dividers in your tile. Like the partial border also. Sets off the rest of the piece nicely.

  8. LOVE the Steampunk. I will spend a lot of time looking at every single detail. Thank you for sharing that with us. Lucky gal who is getting it!