Thursday, March 10, 2016

UMT challenge: Rautyflex

Well, it's been a few weeks. The flu got me good, and I've been wobbly and weak to say the least. Even the energy to work on a challenge has been beyond me, though I did play around with Tamisolo, Sati, Fission, and Dillo quite a bit in my sketchbook. Which I finished up yesterday. And now I have a smaller one, with lighter weight paper. Methinks I have been spoiled with the heavier stuff, even though it is in a larger size.

*note to self* 98 lb paper is SO much nicer than 65. Let's look into finding the 98 weight in the smaller size.

Meanwhile, one of my projects in this larger sketchbook was to go through the strings on and I have a few more to post here.

string 56 Bubbles

string 54 Bag End

string 45 a WHAT out of hell?

string 41 Woven

string 42 In the Field

string 43 Starburst

Mooka and tipple. Shading mooka is one of my favorite things to do.

This one has Flux, Concert, Tellis, Onomato, N'zeppel (?) and Fescu. It reminds me of the round door of a hobbit hole...and why not Mr. Baggins's ? hence, Bag End is what i call it.

Looking at the string on this one, I was immediately drawn to a sort of bat shape so even though a bat doesn't have a curly tail, I did what I had to. I like this one. It makes me smile.

 This is possibly my favorite of the string project pieces. It is simply Arums on string 41, and I made the stems sort of cross over/under each other. Here is arums stepout

and visit Poppie's blog for many more patterns.

I call this one In the Field, because it depicts a wavy background, with individual shapes rising up out of the wave. It is similar to my ideas what the quantum universe is like: waves of energy with every single thing rising up out of the energy, to see and be seen by each other in the physical world.

This one for the life of me I can't remember the name of the pattern. And I'm losing steam fast so...

 and with all this showing off of my string project, now for the Diva Challenge:

In the Neighborhood
this week is a UMT challenge, and the pattern we get to play with is Rautyflex by Kathryn Bendel. It is a complex pattern, but once you get the lines down, there are many shapes to play around with.

This happens to be on string 73, part of my project as a matter of fact. Across the middle is Cubine which was fun to put on a curved grid. The upper left is Rautyflex filled in pretty much the way it is shown in the stepouts, and on the bottom right I went with the outline of the square+triangle shape.

This one reminds me of rows of houses and buildings.

that's all I've got for now. Though the illness is largely behind me, there are many things that really sap my energy, and this blog post is one of them. Now I am feeling tired and need to rest.

Many blessings to all who visit, and of course I love any and all comments.


  1. Well I am amazed at all you have managed to produc whilst you were ill. I hope you soon perk up and are full of vim and vigour again. I love how you put titles on all your tiles. That bat one is so brilliant, even before I read your entry I said to myself that looks like a bat. Your Mooka is marvellous, great shading, I really struggle with this one.

  2. So much lovely work to look at here. I really love the Mooka piece, it is a fun pattern to draw and shade. Glad you're feeling better;-)

  3. Lovely pieces Heidi Sue. Nice way to split up Rautyflex by using Cubine. Hope you are on the mend!

  4. A lot of work and ideas here, which I'm glad you shared. I can almost see bilbo at the door and I envy your confidence with Mooka, it's one of those that I love to see but find hard to draw - it never quite turns out how I'd like it to.

  5. Wow, you have accomplished so much despite feeling unwell! I love your Diva challenge, especially the lower variation. Bag End and Mr Bat are very cleverly done as well.

  6. I like your Mooka tile. I spent today relearning how to draw it so it was a nice surprise to find your tile. I'm amazed at how you used it with String 57 - WOW!

  7. Very lovely pieces! I do love your Mooka!

  8. Rautyflex takes a good deal of concentration, so I'm impressed that you were able to grasp it even in a weakened condition. It's interesting that you paired it with cubine. They feel similar, but Rautyflex is so much more complicated. Nice. I hope you are feeling better for the new Diva challenge.