Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Peace Like a River

The Diva has a guest this week: Suzanne Fluhr whose boomer blog is always fun to read.

Her challenge to us was to tangle something peaceful. We have had such horrible news in the past week...honestly though, all of 2016 has been uneasy and ugly in the public square, in the States.

So, time to bring some peace, and that is what I did. There is a park nearby, one of my favorite places in the world. I have been taking myself there this past week, every day going to sit on the bank of the creek and ground myself.

I sit on the stones, and take off my shoes, and breathe. Listen. Be. 

The river has dozens of voices, all repeating the same lullaby, and it is very calming to sit here. I am determined to get out into this space every day, away from all else and seat myself on the earth and simply be there. 

Today, I brought my tangle supplies and did the Diva Challenge while immersed in the cool morning light and flowing song of the river. 

For the string, I traced the shadows of some grasses that fell across my tile.

Then I chose some organic patterns: Pokeleaf, Pokeroot, and Printemps.

Auraing things lent a calm creek feel to the piece.

Then I shaded using color, to bring in the lovely green/brown of the river. It really is the prettiest shade of green, and I love it when the runoff comes.

The river is calm and deep jade green. There are willow and cottonwood trees on the banks, and there are many places where it runs rapidly, along with placid level flow beneath the blue shade of the trees. Yes. Sitting on the banks is a tranquil experience.

And look! A perfect place to raise a family

Mama and seven little droplets


  1. a beautiful blogpost to read and a beautiful tile to see!

  2. Beautiful, peaceful post, Heidi! Thank you for sharing the peaceful picture in both words AND pictures. Your tile definitely reflect peaceful tranquility, which we ALL need these days. Your progress photos are wonderful for showing your thought processes as you complete your tile. Wonderful tile!

  3. Lovely post and great idea for a string!

  4. What a loving, peaceful post!!!! Some weeks ago I was in Switzerland visiting my daughter and one day we walked next to a mountain stream and sat on a stone next to it. That was a place and a feeling I took home with me. Pure PEACE!!!! I love, love your tile btw.

  5. Well, I was relaxed too by the time I finished reading this. I loved your string idea for this and the colours too. Very pretty and very peaceful.

  6. Oh how peaceful, I am so glad you have found such a place. Your tile is lovely and you drew it so well I can see the leaves moving in the ebb and flow of the water :-)

  7. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing your tranquil place. I love drawing in the park and by the duck pond when weather allows. It's Summer in San Francisco. HA! Your tile is absolutely gorgeous.