Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Diva Challenge 179: Bijou

binial, writ large

The Diva challenge this week is to use a smaller size tile. Bijou is a little snail that migrated to the US from Paris, when Maria and Rick were traveling. It is a charming story, that you can find at diva challenge 179: bijou space    I don't have any Zentangle ™ tiles, but usually eyeball my measurements to the 3.5 inch size...or not. For me, until I get some Zentangle ® tiles in the house, the size isn't as important as the creativity and exploration.

However, with this challenge, I did get out my ruler and measured 2 inch squares to work in. One page of my sketch book can hold six two inch squares, so i did a couple of those.

On this page, I explored connecting the squares to each other just a bit. It was fun to do, but nothing struck me as special, really.

However, the binial, upper left corner, gave me an idea: why not take one element of a tiny design, and make it large, to fit into the two inch bijou square?

 binial, jessicup, pendrills, laBel, Rixty, and camelia

I liked this page better, but it was harder than I thought to find patterns with tiny elements to expand on. I wasn't really looking for grid things like camelia...but it's a favorite, so it's in.

this one is my favorite. Binial.

Here, with a pen for scale.

this is a fun challenge, and I'm going to make a template out of card stock, so i can always have some bijou size spaces to work in.


  1. I really love the one where you connected them from tile to tile...just like a snail would move. Very cute :D

  2. great tiles - what a good idea - to make something large on a small tile. I like the rixty and label tiles.

  3. Wow, you have been quite busy and .... with beautiful results.

  4. Love your concept of close up crops of patterns. Your tiles are very interesting and creative. Count me in on this idea. Terrific.

  5. HeidiSue, I just love how you let the tangles flow off the squares in the top picture. :0) share Humanity

  6. Wonderful! Especially I like your way of connecting the litte squares!

  7. I like your idea of taking "one element of a tiny design and make it large". It works well and you have some delightful tiles.

  8. Love the enlargement idea. I like your Rixty and LaBel.