Friday, August 22, 2014

Water Play

Okay I gave it a try.

I'm going to do it again, because there's a few refinements needed, but I worked up something approximating pool water in the sunlight

this is the finished piece. I think I captured the motion and shapes, while keeping zentangle ™ in mind.

I took pictures of the process, and have a little break down here.

step one: broad squiggles top to bottom
step two: random squiggles over

step three: repeat across

step four: random color squiggles following the black lines

After adding color, I had a couple of decisions to make. Color things in? Color the big spaces in, and leave the little openings between the squiggly lines? How to incorporate official zentangle?
 So I decided to n'zeppel it:
In a few places, I went "behind" some of the squiggles, just to add interest.

When I got a 40% off coupon for any item at Michael's, I bought the highest quality colored pencils I could find. These are woodless colour pencils by Progresso. The color goes on so smooth and rich. Usually I feel like I'm not doing them I need to know more, learn more, about how to maximize them. Meanwhile, I love these pencils. They are extremely fine and creamy smooth.

I colored in the large spaces, between the n'zeppel shapes and the squiggles. I left any spaces within the squiggles empty.

I used several colors, but the turquoise was most pleasing, so it is used the most. Here, all the spaces around the n'zeppeled parts are colored in, and I haven't done anything to the n'zeppeled spaces.
At this point, I was liking it a lot. It has motion and good shapes all through it here. Note: I made the color here rich and solid.
In pool water, there are sparks and quarks of light, moving constantly. I wanted to make the small spaces, inside the various squiggle lines, do that. I decided on two very light, bright colors

I used a bright lime green, and a sea green inside the squiggle lines. Three shades of blue, including turquoise, pacific blue, and true blue. 
True to N'zeppel, I shaded the shapes along the appropriate edges. Also notice, I aura'ed in a few places. In my next trial, I won't do that.

Then I colored in the large shapes with the turquoise and the sea green, lightly.

This is the finished piece. I'm going to do another one, partly because I want to make some refinements but mostly because it's SO MUCH FUN TO COLOR! ha!


  1. Nice work on this. This is quite an undertaking. You are more ambitious than me to attempt this.

  2. It looks a lot like the photo you originally included in your first post-well done. It's always interesting the see the steps that go into creating art work. Thanks for that. N'Zeppel was a brilliant choice and I love your use of colour.

  3. Oh boy, you really nailed it! I didn't think it could be done, but you sure did. Beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing the process, the end result is beautiful.

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