Friday, August 15, 2014

Hitched: My Newest Tangle Pattern

Recently I ran across a "simple" breakdown of a Celtic knot online, and immediately tried it...and not surprisingly, I did the first few steps wrong.

But! when I looked at the "wrong" steps, I saw a diamond ring! I made a line of them, and found it looking like a row of diamond rings.

so, I named it "Hitched" (as in "engaged" hee hee hee) and here is the step out

1) draw a line of dots
2) put diamonds between the dots
3) connect the diamonds with arcs, tip to tip, top and bottom
4) aura inside the diamonds, and inside the arcs. 

here is some play with hitched. I like it a lot, coloring all of it in solid black. Should be a fun pattern to play with.
 A good edge, methinks. And it follows a curve nicely.

Here you can see the celtic work I was trying for:  
second up from the bottom. I like hitched better because it's easier! ha!


  1. I like this tangle and the way you came up with the name. I will be adding it to my tangle collection.

  2. Looks like an easy and fun pattern. I will be trying it out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like it! It actually made me think of tuxedos... so, rings, tuxedos... hitched seems like a perfect name!

  4. Love the pattern, but did you try to right-click on the picture? ,, :-((

    1. that's really weird. I don't have another picture on this blog that does that, including my little sample. huh.

    2. now it's working great. I took new pictures, and replaced the old, and if you click on them, they appear wonderfully.

  5. This is a darling tangle.
    But not very good step outs.
    We need them larger and clearer!

    1. I agree. The quality of the picture is not very good, because currently I use just my digital camera and a basic photo storing software. I hope to improve that this year.

    2. Fixed it! These should be a lot easier to work with. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. juhuuu, great tangle. it didn?t look as it has a lot of variation-possibilities....but once i started , wow! thank you so much.

  7. Love the tangle. Serendipity :) The method of producing celtic knots with dots works easily if the dots are used as the intersection points. Search for George Bain (Scots artist). There are pages of his instructions online. His methods are based on meticulous research rather than second guessing (the problem with a lot of other instructions). Thanks for Hitched. Lots of fun to be had with this.

    1. thanks Megan. I will look for George Bain. I went thru a phase of doing large areas of celtic knots/weaving all the time, and the dots really are vitally important. goes to show, I got out of practice by the time Hitched came along. ha!

  8. Tried your new tangle and love it. Really fun to do and this will become a favorite. Thank you!

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