Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stripes Challenge: Diva #182

This week, our Diva has for us a challenge to use stripes.

I filled a tile with striping not too long ago:

I don't know if this is in the spirit of the challenge, since it's a mono tangle AND because I actually made it before the challenge was issued.

But it looks cool enough, I thought I'd share it.
After all, is IS stripe-ed. (did anybody else grow up with the word stripe-ed a two syllable word? "get the stripe-ed umbrella" huh...just now remembering that. And "floweredy" A dress wasn't just flowered, it was floweredy.)

This is what I created in response to the challenge:

I made up my own string, but only two of the shapes stayed at the end: the arc across the background, and the pillar up the middle.
Patterns used are queen's crown, candy stripes, a riff on roel, umble, fandango, xyp, a row of printemps and dots, more queen's crown. The pillar is just striping. Oooh! It would be fun to make that striping look like a loose ribbon wrapped around!

A fun way to explore many tangle patterns :)
There are so many other patterns I want to play with, I'll probably do another stripe-ed tile. Or three.


  1. I like both of your tangles. I had just finished writing my blog and saying I started to do Striping, but haven't quite mastered it yet. I love seeing how everyone interprets these challenges.

  2. Very nice tangles. The striping one is awesome (no striped was not two separate syllables where I grew up) Love the pillar of the second one - very nice overall effect.

  3. love both tiles..I love the way they are shaded...

  4. Both are wonderful, love your first Stripings is just beautiful, and the second Zen "Eiffel tower" effect is amazing.

  5. I love the movement in that first tile. I have heard stripe-ed before but I don't know what region uses that. I have never heard flower-ed though. Interesting. Where are you from? I love the shimmer that you used in you pillar. I thought it was Zander at first.

    1. I grew up in Salt Lake City, UT, not a Mormon. My grandma and mom used stripe-ed and flowerdy. I know a LOT of Salt Lake natives who haven't heard it in two syllables though, so I wonder if it isn't just an old fashioned way of speaking, that my grandma passed on, and my mom used.

  6. Your Stripe-ed Tile is Fabulous. Your shading is wonderful and puts so much life into the piece. I love studying it. The Pillar Tile is a beautiful design and your use of patterns is intriguing. Two winning Tiles.

  7. Both tiles are beautifully done, but your first one has so much depth and movement! Nicely done!

  8. Both are wonderful! Especially I like the first one ... great 3D effect!

  9. Like your monotangle. The larger piece has an architectural feel to it.

  10. So nice movement in your mono-tangle! Well done :)

  11. Love them both. I'm still working on trying to get Striping to look good. You've mastered it.