Thursday, September 18, 2014

Diva Challenge185: zen"tango" Phicops and Diva Dance

It's been a fun challenge this week. I've played with our two friends Phicops and Diva Dance a lot! It still feels like I'm thinking entirely inside the box, though.

"Phicops is roundish. Diva dance is fine and small" ... then I see how others have interpreted both patterns and just shake my head. I wonder what it will take to get me to REALLY explore, right brained, creative, no inhibitions.

Anyway, I created a few pieces.

Phicops is so seashelly, and the diva dance made itself into tendrils or seaweed very nicely. when I finished with all the phicops, it still needed something, so I put diva dance in the background, large. I liked that.

it's like the ocean floor, and a current running thru
I call this one "yinyin yangyang"

As I was working on the first piece, thumbprint came to mind. And I decided to make my duo tangle using thumprint as a "string." I used weighting instead of pencil shading. I'm really REALLY loving the technique of weighting my lines.

ferris wheel on the planet Xoid.
For this one I found a string at  and, still feeling really inhibited, I tried to do something different. You can see, at the top in the diva dance, and where the "trunk" begins to broaden near the bottom of the "wheel"...I did phicops inside some really narrow spaces that didn't work, and covered up my mist...oops, no mistakes in zentangle hee hee....and decided to put diva dance there instead.
I still ended up with a round phicops and a finely drawn, wood looking diva dance. 

This reminds  me of a ferris wheel. I think it would be a fun thing to put in a larger ZIA with other funky stuff.

So, yeah. I love the challenge, but I'm not happy with how stuck I am, doing all these patterns "the way they are supposed to be."

One more:

For the first time, I got at least one pattern out of the box: Diva dance as aura!


  1. Wow. What a wonderful Post, Heidi. Love how beautifully you documented your experiences with this weeks Diva Challenge. You really kicked your creative self into high gear. I find delight in each and every Tile. I really appreciate your quest to leave that pesky box far behind. I love how open and wonderfully welcoming this art form is to creative expression. You go, Girl, your artistic expression is on a roll.

  2. lovely work. I love your first tangle with the large diva dance. It does look like a seascape. I, too, marvel at what others have done and wonder if I will ever get there.

  3. I like the yinyin yangyang. Its nice when you have time to play with ideas.

  4. All so very beautiful, can't pick a favorite.

  5. Especially like the perspective in the "Palmetto tree"--ferris wheel.

  6. Hmm. I tried to leave a comment and it disappeared. Maybe it went to be moderated?

  7. You really worked these tangle. They all have their unique qualities. I think I like the first one best.

  8. I like all of the tangles and the way you continued to work with them.

  9. Beautiful works.
    The seabed with the large-lined diva dance is beautiful.
    The "Yinyin Yangyang" got me smiling. My name for it would be "YinYang YinYang" :)
    The ferris wheel looks to me like a giant tree, and the combination of the two patterns is beautiful.
    The "diva dance as aurora" is very creative, completely out the box, and - you are no longer stuck :)

  10. HeidiSue - these are all so creative and unusual!! I like how you have created such little stories with each.

    ~ Diane Clancy

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