Friday, September 5, 2014

UMT Diva Challenge 183: X-did

So, this week's challenge from our beloved old married lady Diva
is to use the tangle x-did by Annette Carlo. (see what I did there? Two to the challenge, and one to the 10th Anniversary Edition of the blog!)

I struggled with this, truly. Because it is so linear and has so many sharp corners and not much free form, I was having difficulty being creative. I still think I haven't done it as much justice as many others, but have been playing with it daily for the whole week.

My first piece:

this was actually me just practicing it. I finished three rows, then started weighting the v on each repeat. When I put the circles inside the weighted v's, it began looking like a bird condo, so I put in a bunch of bird on a wire for fun.
The only thing I liked about this was that I let myself "see" something in the pattern as I played with it.

Now, this pattern has oodles of potential. You can change it up any way you want. Do it large, do it small, embellish it, add lines, shading, etc. I know this, and haven't been happy that I remained uninspired.

So I played with it some more. The main feature of this pattern that came out as I played is the trio of diamond shapes that sit, one on top of the other, within each repeat. I played with that over a few themes and came up with this:

I like this one a bit better, because at this point I was playing and letting myself delve into the pattern more thoroughly. I was pleased that it was showing me itself. (Note in the middle tier, the left most repeat, I flubbed it and covered my mistake with white gel. Sorry...right outside the zen quality of zentangle.
This still is so uncreative. Right inside the box, is what. But, the pattern is fun to play with, and I did have fun exploring.

And so, we come to my favorite sample:

when I singled out one repeat of the pattern and stopped and looked at it, there was Argyle Sock staring me right in the face!
It was even moreso, with color.

This pattern, looking so argyle-ish, would be fun to put with last month's UMT Mac Dee. In fact, wouldn't it be interesting to "plaid" some of the more linear and gridlike patterns?


  1. I like the first one a lot, it looks as if it could be a wallpaper pattern. I too had trouble with this tangle in trying to do something different.

  2. I, too, like the first Tile. The Birds on a Wire pattern was inspirational. The Argyle Sock is a very interesting tangelation. Love your post and your thinking behind this challenge. Well done.

  3. I think this tangle had a lot of people scratching their heads. You did well. I think it is fun to play with patterns like you did. Opens up more possibilities.

  4. I like what you made out of this challenge, The second one in my favorite.

  5. Heidi, all of your tangleations of 'X-DID' are beautiful! you did a great job with it! I especially like the Argyle one! The colors are perfect! Thank you for taking on the challenge! ;0) Have a great weekend! Annette Share Humanity

  6. Wonderful your variations of X-Did! My favorite is the second one!

  7. I love what you did with this pattern, and I too, thought of Argyle. Unlike me, though, you actually followed up on that thought - excellent!

  8. You're so brave to post your sketches. I love seeing the progressions, but successful and otherwise (grin). I never saw the Argyle sock! That made me laugh. Thanks for that.

  9. Great explorations of the tangle. It's always so interesting to see how someone's mind works as it is creating.

  10. I love seeing how your mind worked as you moved from one idea to the next. I often include that in my posts as well. I think you did a number of interesting things with this pattern. Great job!

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