Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's All About the Leaves!

Our Diva Challenge this week is a string thing: Leaves!

Evidently Canada starts changing earlier in the year than Utah, because there isn't *much* color in the valley (though the mountainsides are starting to put on their finery)...and there's not many leaves on the ground. BUT walking around during my lunch break yesterday, I did find a couple of leaves. One, a maple.

In fact, wouldn't it be fun to decorate a leaf with tangles all over?

And what I ended up doing...well, I think it turned out amazing,, and I'm gonna do similar, with other autumn colors, and make a little montage for my wall.

This is how it looked after work last night.

 I have another piece that I started on, with a triplet of ash leaves, and a maple leaf traced on the paper. As I did one corner of the maple leaf in paradox, the idea hit me: a whole maple leaf, full of paradox!

So I set aside the first project, and started a new one, tracing the whole maple leaf in pencil, then penciling in triangles. (I will use pen for those triangles, for the other pieces I plan on doing in this set, because the pencil lines tend to glare.)

Weighting all my corners heavily, and rounding the edges made this look pretty cool. Right?

my first piece on colored paper
The stem looked flat though, so I added stippling along the edges, especially around the stem. I thought I might be done, but then decided to just add a little highlight on the edge of the stem...well...wow.

It's my white woodless color pencil and I LOVE what it does for my leaf!

Highlighting is different from shading, in that it is on the opposite side. so...there's a few places where the highlights are in the place where the shading would be (on the under side) but I realized how it had to be before I got very far with it, and finished the leaf with highlights on the upper edges of each segment.

This entire piece fits perfectly in one of my small frames...I found 20 or so frames at a yard sale, all matching, for .25c a piece...and it will be on my wall before the morning is over. AND! I will be starting another one similar, on a different color, maybe a different leaf shape. Same tangle, same highlighting.  Won't that be so cool!

In fact, I'm going out the door in a sec, to find some more leaves...the nearby park has an arboretum. I bet I can find leaves there.


  1. Such a terrific Post, Heidi Sue. Love your thinking processes as you developed and drew this wonderful response Tile. The highlighting on the Paradox Pattern with the line weighting is so effective and indeed very Cool. Great Job.

  2. I love the effect of the highlighting on you leaf. and the all paradox is wonderful. Sounds like you have quite a project before you. Still pretty green in my part of Canada (southern Ontario) but it's usually colder in Saskatoon where Laura is, so they've probably had more frost.

  3. Very nice! I love the white highlights.

  4. Wow, great how you did paradox. And with the highlighting it looks even more interesting. Well done.

  5. Beautiful with the Paradox and that white highlighting makes your leaf just perfect!

  6. I love the monotangle you have going on here... and the white, well, it makes me think of it as frost tipped! Beautiful work!

  7. Wow, and WOW again. Paradox with it's highlighting is beautiful in this leaf.

  8. Wonderful, informative post and your leaf is spectacular! Thanks.

  9. The highlighting on this is super. I hope you share the rest of the set as you finish them!

  10. Wonderful your leaf with Paradox! Really great idea!

  11. You were truly inspired by the leaves. Your yard sale purchase and the DIva's challenge sound like they are truly going to transform your wall. Love the tile and thank you for sharing your process.

  12. Great effect with weighting the lines and the white highlights.

  13. Your paradoxical leaf is gorgeous! Love the white highlights and the overall effect with the weighting of the lines just really sets it off beautifully. Would love to see the montage when you complete it.

  14. Shading really made it pop! You need to post your montage of all 20 when you get them done and framed.

  15. These are lovely, HeidiSue!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  16. That's incredible tangling, HeidiSue! So good to see the before picture - incredible what a bit of shading and a white pen can do! Axxx

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