Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Labryinth, A Riverwalk, and Moving Day

Last week I missed all challenges because of Moving Day!

Here's the thing. I got a hankering for a new place along about the first week of March. Where I lived, though roomy, was sort of a slummy area (which was all I could afford on my salary, and just barely)... well, I got it in my head that I would start saving as much as possible every paycheck, to put aside enough for a down payment and buy my own house. Stay where I was for a few more years, and then just buy and move into Where I Am Going To Live Forever.

Then they raised the rent. And it was time right then and there, to MOVE. Long story short: a new apartment complex three blocks away has some HUD rent controlled units available, and I qualified. Almost $100 less per month, and a very much nicer place. Very much smaller, too. So instead of tangling, I packed and got my rear in gear, (and my mom's. And Wylie's---my feller---and a moving company thank you Mommy!) And let me tell you what: I never EVER moved so suddenly. I decided to move on April 1, and moving day was April 23. Whew!



We got everything shifted on Thursday and I've been making this place homey ever since.
The top picture was taken at night, so you don't get the daylight in from the window, which is so dominant in the second picture. They are taken from the same angle.

Because my new space is about half the size of where I was, I have had to make some tough decisions, and culled things BRUTALLY.
This picture shows the box I used to have 20 years worth of pictures in, and the box I narrowed it down to (literally ha!)

My kitchen before >>>>>

 <<<<< and after/during.
 It feels really good to sit down and doodle a while, and I've already dived into the Diva Labyrinth Challenge 
(also, SuzyMosh, which I will post in another entry because this is already way long)

Walking a labyrinth is so eye opening. You go towards the center, and then curve away for a while. Sometimes the walk takes you for a long time, far from the center. You approach a few times, then curve away again. Walking a labyrinth is like life. Sometimes you are near, sometimes you are far, and you are always moving forward, and the center is where you will be eventually.

Going towards the heart.
 I shaded this with blue violet prisma pencil, and used a red micron pen to color the heart. The footsteps, and the pattern on the labyrinth are elements of Ditto. You see where it narrows, and the footsteps are single file?

Just for fun, I made the labyrinth string, and filled everything with Isochor (or Mr. E?) and it looks like a tunnel. It is so three dimensional! I thought it was very cool, especially after shading.

Maybe moving to this new place is a great big step towards my ultimate goal of buying my own place. Well, that's still the goal, now let's DO IT! Moving forward. Always moving forward.


  1. Nicely done considering the chaos that came before you could doodle again. Enjoy your place.

  2. Great tiles Heidi!! I especially love the tunnel look in the second tile..

  3. Good for you! You will achieve your goal even faster now. I wish you happiness in your new apartment. Very nice tiles too!

  4. Wow! What an adventure! I'm glad you found such a nice new place - and have some extra money to start saving for your "Forever" home. I love the footsteps in your labyrinth. Very nice!

  5. You are making your new apartment very cozy and comfortable. I'm glad that you have found this place. Your Challenge tiles are wonderful. I particularly like the footprints in the first tile. You always do such delightful work. Well done.

  6. I'm so happy for you; this place looks great. Don't your think that decisions made quick, aren't the best? I LOVE doing that and hardly ever regret :-)
    Your labyrinths are beautiful and the last one is GORGEOUS!!!!

  7. Yes, yes, and yes!! Great new apartment - it really does look homely in such a short space of time. Always good to declutter and start again and I really love your beautiful labyrinths. I love the leaves and the sense of time you achieve in the first one. Axxx

  8. Love the labyrinths! Enjoy your new appartment!

  9. I love your post and your tiles. Wonderful. I love the heart in the center and the Ditto tangle representing footsteps, as well as the Isochor tunnel. Nicely done. Wishing you all good things and much happiness in your new apartment.

  10. When we sold Dreamweaver and they came to move everything...you would think it would look less cluttered but alas no such luck and we have been spending the past two months cleaning. Your place is coming together quickly and I wish you the best as you continue toward your goal of owning your own home. Your tangled labyrinths are well done and it's amazing you got one done let alone two!

  11. Congrats on your new home and especially on culling! i think both your labyrinths told the story of life!

  12. Beautiful tiles and a wonderful story to go with them, thank you so much for sharing... and congratulations on getting packed, moved and settled in so quickly!

  13. Missed you last week and am glad that you weren't sick or anything. Congratulations on the move, your new place looks very nice from the pictures you have shown. I think I need to move again, so I can declutter. Anyway, your tiles are great, as usual and I'm not exactly sure which is my favorite. I love the footprints in the heart labyrinth, but I like the tunnel labyrinth too. As usual, your work is stunning! Good luck in getting the new place together the way you want and see you on the 17th!

  14. Great labyrinth and words of wisdom! Congratulations on your new place and lower rent!

  15. Congrats on your (fast) move!! Looks and sounds great! I love your labyrinth with the heart and footsteps - very precious!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy