Thursday, April 30, 2015

Double D is Double Done For

Double D is on the left
First let me explain the title of this entry. It comes from the goofy cartoon network (or was it Nickelodeon) show popular in the 90's: Ed, Edd, and Eddy. My kids loved that show and turned me on to it one afternoon when we were being lazy. Edd was the brainiac, Eddy was the doofus, and Ed was the scheming one. It was a wacky show, that is no lie. But lots of fun, and intelligent. Really. It was.

 Anyway, in one episode Edd (aka Double D) did something that got him in trouble, and Eddy said, in his doofus voice "Double D is double done for!" and...the family adopted that phrase.
If someone goofed or did wrong or made a boo boo, or pretty  much anything out of their usual angelic behavior (snork) one or the other of the kids...or I... would say "Double D is double done for"

well, can you guess which D tangle pattern I found and used in this week's SuzyMosh challenge? ha! that's right, Double D's. It actually is a lacy and girly-ish pattern, nothing like the cartoon show, but I couldn't help myself...while I was practicing it and playing around with it, that mantra was going over and over in my head "Double D is double done for!"

Well, with all that said, here is the tile I created.
I used several variations on Double D's, and then in the background I laid down some DL Labyrinth, which fits right in with the Diva challenge this week. It reminds me of something an old timey seamstress would have: a little box with scraps of ribbon in it.

Because my coworker needed black for her doodles (yes, there are two of us hooked on zentangle, right next to each other at work!) I lent her my 01 and 005 sakuras in black, and used my sepia 01 for this tile. I like it. Shaded with dark brown prisma pencil. I like how the DL Labyrinth sort of creates its own depth by how the lines are placed.

so with this challenge, I have two new patterns that I know I'll be using...DL Labyrinth and Double D's. 


  1. I LOVE this tile! The depth is awesome and I have to say, I have never been able to make Double Ds work for me, and these look gorgeous. Nice job!

  2. Nice job! I like the Double Ds. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

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