Friday, April 3, 2015

Lots of LLLLs

SuzyMosh's challenge this week is to create zentangle art using L patterns, which we have never used before.

I struggled with this, starting several pieces that I didn't like. BUT in my pecking around, I did discover a tangle that I love: Land Girlz. It takes some precision, but in the end you have a terrific, highly textured, three dimensional pattern that will make a terrific filler.

Shading really brings it out for LandGirlz.
I love patterns that you can "feel"

Another new tanglepattern for me is Lacy, which I loved. This one will be fun to put in places as a background.

Here, I have used only one column of Lacy, with the end sort of dangling.
And, Laced. I've practiced it, and I have seen it here and there, but I've never used it in any piece.
Notice there is a sprinkling of lazyeight and limpet around that corner where Lacy comes off of florz. I've never seen limpets or lazy eights before. They're nice for a light touch. 

Then of course, there is a tangleation of LanternPho/Leaflet...which are favorites that I use a lot.

I decided to leave the three "leaves" that are falling away empty of lines. I shaded them with the hope that they would look like it is "under" the paper. 

along the right edge of the Lantern Pho flow is a line of Shnek. 


 And here is the piece as a whole. From the upper left corner: Land Girlz, florz, lantern pho/leaflet, shnek, lazy eights and limpets, a strand of lacy, with Laced stitching it down.

Thanks to Suzanne Moshier for this challenge that makes me use new patterns every week. Stretch my horizons!