Thursday, April 9, 2015

I'm a Fan(z)

The Diva this week has a UMT challenge. Yes. the first week of a month means we are using someone's tangle pattern, and this time it was Fanz by Susan Goetter.

It is a terrific pattern for filling spaces, with lots of potential for variations. Good play time, and quite relaxing to draw.

I ended up using a piece I had already started, putting Fanz into a large space, and then added some Fanz elements in a larger size. I did it in sepia pen, which is very nice. It is so pretty, and a bit of a break from the black.

Wedding Plans
The patterns from top left, clockwise:
Dyon, pokeleaf and pokeroot, fanz, flux, pozer with ribbons, maizey, drops, printemps, fans large, flux, fescu.
Msst and static, with a few printemps tucked in the corners, right up under the Dyon.

This reminds me of my daughter's wedding in 2013. It was outdoors, and that date had not had rain for 15 years or she never had a plan B. Lo! and behold! if it wasn't overcast and damp when we woke up..but no rain. Not until we had gotten the tablecloths out on the reception tables in the yard...which we quickly got back off again and put in the dryer, while my poor girl started to cry.

We set up a portable canopy under the tree she had chosen for the ceremony site and packed the seating in under another canopy. And...just before the ceremony, the rain stopped. It did not start up again until late that night, as we were seeing off the newlyweds in their getaway car.

Adam's folks on his side; Abbie's people on her side. The little one in red is my granddaughter Nadia. She was the flower girl, and she literally laid sunflowers down before the feet of the bride, backing down the aisle, placing each flower as she went. It was SO cute! and so perfect.
Adam and Abbie.
Kiss the bride. Note the Tolkienesque cake. That is elven runes written on there.
Dancing in the Light.
THE prettiest, and THE MOST fun wedding I've ever been to.

Ahhh, that was a nice stroll down memory lane.


  1. I love your piece and what a beautiful memory!

  2. Wow, this zia is gorgeous!! Great memories, it's good to have them.

  3. beautiful Zia, Heidi Sue! I like dancing, so the photo of the girls dancing is enchanting--what joy! Have a brilliant day! c

  4. Your tangle was as beautiful as a textile. Woven together so nicely and very pretty.

  5. What a fabulous page, I can see why it jogged your memories! And what a beautiful was awhile ago, but I'm sure it seems like yesterday with such an amazing story. That is the type of thing that makes for vivid rain ever on that date and then "whap" RAIN! She'll always remember those details (and you as well).Great pix!

  6. No one would think the Fanz were an afterthought...very very nice work.

  7. Beautiful challenge piece, Heidi. I love your styling of Fans. You definitely chose a beautiful way to finish it. Very stunning piece of work.

  8. I am glad the rain did stop, Heidi Sue!! :) Your tile is totally amazing!!! I love love love the bottom left Fanz!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy