Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dex and Bunzo Open a Restaurant

The Diva Challenge this week is a duotangle, using only the two patterns, Dex and Bunzo.

Bunzo was the very first tangle pattern I ever drew, and I learned a different form than the one I see displayed commonly.  It was an Ellen Wolters video and because my internet name has been bunsofaluminum for YEARS, sometimes shortened to bunso...well, the name Bunzo appealed to me, and I enjoyed making a whole page of Bunzo that day, using a regular pentel gel pen on sketch paper. The version I learned and drew that day, and which I have always used, doesn't have alternating stripes filled in black (though I do like and sometimes draw that version, too)

So, because it is lacking stripes, this version has always reminded me of clouds, while the stripey version of Bunzo reminds me of bees. Dex is like a window...it actually is based on a building face stacked with windows galore....

When I started this tile, I wanted the contrast of the sharp mitered edges of window panes with the fluffy roundness of billows of cloud, and this is what I created:

Walking by Bistro Bunsofaluminum
I like the way the dex is lifted up on the bunzo, sort of pillowed in there. The depth of those blackened squares is appealing, but so is the glassy look I achieved in the larger squares. With Bunzo billowing all around...heh now that I look at it, this tile reminds me of a factory fire or something.

No! the wafts of delectable fragrant smoke coming out of a restaurant window! enticing the passerby. That's more like it.

And as I worked on this one, the windowy-ness of the Dex grabbed me and I decided on the look I really wanted, so once I finished this one, I made a second piece.
Taking a break to look out the window

This is such a cheerful piece, I wanted to draw curtains around it! It was just as I pictured it: a window looking out on a sky of fluffy clouds. Maybe a little high schooler is working in the kitchen (of the Bistro Bunsofaluminum) and took a break to look out the window.

I used micron black pen .01 for both pieces, and shaded the first one with graphite 3B pencil. This second piece I used prismacolor slate gray to shade the Bunzo and China Blue in various densities for the window frame, with just a bit of layering using violet blue on the "underside" of the Dex window frame.

Such a good combination of tangles. There is something very appealing about the complementary shapes and lines between these two. Thank you Laura!


  1. These are both lovely, HeidiSue!! I sort of used that version of Bunzo too without knowing about it (thank you for the video) ... I love your descriptions of your Divas!! :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. A delightful Post, HeidiSue. Terrific descriptive prose, and delightful insights. I love your version of Bunzo and they way you integrated it with Dex in both of your creative Tiles. So well done,

  3. I love this!!!! I like the ideas of windows. Great job!!

  4. I love the story and you certainly achieved that cloud like vision that you had. Very nice!

  5. Two beautiful tiles! I really like the second one, Dex as a window is a lovely idea.

  6. What a great post detailing your creative thought process on this one. It's clear you were having fun there! I love how you balanced the two very different patterns and came up with such nice tiles!

  7. Book me the seat by the window, I'll eat at your bistro!

  8. Thanks for the video. That was a new way (for me) to draw bunzo. I love both your tiles and the delightful story that goes with them - tho my curiosity about Bunsofaluminum is now throughly engaged. The billowy bunzo clouds outside the window are my favorite - and I have a few curtains with tassels from last week that you're welcome to have :-) I love looking at your work each week. It's like watching a flower bloom - every one is delightful and they just get better and better. Great job!

    1. well you see, I wanted Buns of Steel, and I gave it a good go...until the third day. Then I decided "buns of aluminum will be alright" hahahaha! and that's the story of my internet handle.
      I do remember your delightful tassels from last week. Yummy!

  9. Heidi Sue...loved your story, I was telling Wayne about how you described the two different types of Bunzo. I've never attempted Bunzo because I really have never liked the "creature" aspect that I've seen in people's work. He did a really large one that looked like it was going to crawl off the page. I'm not afraid of insects, but this unknown critter is creepy to me. (I made mine more flat and fungi-like.) So I really like the cloud idea...will use that soon.

  10. I really like your tiles this week, Heidi Sue. I especially like the first one. I've never done Bunzo without the dark stripes; now I'm anxious to try it that way.

  11. Wonderful post and I like your Dex-windows!

  12. Like you i had this idea of window for DEX but Bunzo as clouds is very interisting.

  13. I read your words first before really concentrating on the tiles - and you describe them perfectly. Dex makes such a great window and your version of Bunzo is lovely. Axxx

  14. Enjoyed your description of the your thoughts and process. One of the things I like about Zentangle® is that tangles can be done in a lot of different ways, e.g. Flux. In your first tile they do look very much like windows. I have just always filled them in.

  15. Heidi, as always, I love your tiles. They are both well done and capture the essence of both tangles, but I also love your story telling talent. It's always a treat to come to your blog and read as well as see your beautiful artwork. Using Dex as windows and Bunzo as clouds was a stroke of genius. Very, very nicely done!

  16. I love your floating clouds in or out. They make want to gram them and float up with them. Beautiful tiles and captivating narrative.

  17. I love your floating clouds in or out. They make want to gram them and float up with them. Beautiful tiles and captivating narrative.

  18. I've seen your version of Bunzo around before, but I didn't realize it was a version of Bunzo. The striping really does change the nature of the tangle. The stripes make it feel more sinewy, while your interpretation definitely is reminiscent of clouds. I like both of them.

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