Friday, May 15, 2015

It's a String Thing

It's rare that I do a blog entry for Adele Bruno's String Thing challenge, and in fact, though I usually do a tile with the elements she presents in her challenges, I don't usually post an entry, usually because I'm too late! ha!

But this time I found the string intriguing and I also loved all the tangles she selected for us, and I had a lot of fun with the challenge. I ended up creating a tile that I didn't like that much.
Little Lost Worms?

I think it's the predominance of the kandyribnz...which I DO love. It is a fun shape to tangle with, it just doesn't fit with the rest. Also, the darker background sort of swallows up the cayke frills. Choco box is loads of fun, though. I enjoyed learning it a lot.

So, once I got done with this one, I decided to go with a similar look, but filled the sections of string a little bit differently.

Cupcake Wars?
Choco box is the main player in this game, filling up the whole central area, and spilling over into other sections of string. Kandyribnz is delectable looking nestled along the edge.

I found the little cayke "trios" STILL getting swallowed up even with the more subdued background so I outlined them thick, and colored in behind them in black .

This second one will be what I submit to the String Thing challenge this week. This was a fun challenge!