Thursday, May 14, 2015

Suzy Mosh's E Challenge and Joey Makes a Quandary Challenge

Again, I'm double challenged here. I created a piece with two challenges in it. Suzy Mosh gave us the challenge of using patterns beginning with the letter E, that we've never used before. I have a favorite E pattern, called Erbluehen, but because I've used it here and there, and because it didn't end up fitting with what I was doing, I didn't use erbluehen this time.

Along with Suzy's challenge, discovering E patterns I've not used before, I liked Joey's Challenge to use Quandary. It is a tangle I've never seen nor used before, and I LOVE IT! When I shaded it, I was just delighted. 

Quandary absorbed me for quite some time, as I played around with it and learned how to make the rice shapes and place them "just right" (ha! As usual, there is some wonky going down in my quandary but I still like it).

At any rate, when I got done with a section of quandary, it reminded me of tree tops, so I added some curves of Euca by Anne Marks (I remember her from Suzy's challenge last week!) and a trunk or two of Eye Wa by Zentangle (eye wa was created by the maker of Hollibaugh. It is packed with contrast)

and so, I made a little forest of quandary and E tangles. Not a forest. A little copse.

Two of them, in fact, and here they are:

 I added a little bit of color to this one, because the euca disappeared into the eye-wa  without it.

But just look at what quandary does, when you shade each "section"'s leafy and rounded looking. I LOVE this pattern!+

I really like how Euca looks in that one strand, where I've colored the corners and left the middles shiny. I used a sage green pencil by Verybest Supply was an inexpensive set of six metallic pencils. Anyway, I like the way euca looks with just the ends colored in. It would look good using just graphite, that way.
In this one, you can see pieces of my little "invention" that came along while I practiced quandary. (the circular ones, separate from the quandary) I'm going submit it to because I don't think I've ever seen anything like it, and it's one of those "by Jove, I do believe I've created something new!" moments coming directly out of playing with a pattern.

In this one, I made different sizes of the quandary for interest, and only one "trunk" of Eye Wa, which are filled in with lines and graphite, not blackened all the way with ink.

And there you have it (them) challenges, both!