Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Woah, I've been offline for a while. Chalk it up to a rather lengthy dry spell, and a kind of "meh" attitude about blogging. In fact, I didn't even look at Joey's page last week. Wish I had, because I love Maryhill.

Well this week's challenge is to do a monotangle using N'zeppel...another big favorite of mine.

I made four tiles...two regular and two bijou.

Here they are

This is a bijou tile, with one motif of the classic N'zeppel, and shaded as if tiles or stepping stones. This one is good in a grid, but it isn't my favorite way to do N'zeppel.

To the right, that classic N'zeppel on an oblong, with shading. It's very cool looking, and it is surrounded by tangleations of the pattern. Across the back, the rough looking lines, is my pattern crax done N'zeppel style, but I don't like the shading. Some grid N'zeppel along the right edge, each section shaded. And there in the mid lower right, the N'zeppel lines shaded, in a reverse effect from the standard pattern.

This one was done in sepia, and shaded with black grape and tuscan red. Not my favorite.

This one is a random N'zeppel on a slate gray bijou tile, with tipple in the lines, and white charcoal pencil to highlight. Very pretty, but not my favorite.

Yes, THIS is my favorite.

Now looky here, see what I did? I shaded N'zeppel here, the opposite of usual.

It makes the lines stand off of the page...isn't that cool?


  1. Wow you really went for it :-) I love all your tiles but yes the last one is cool. Making shadows is very clever and very tricky.

    I missed your blog, but it is no good forcing it when the interest isn't there.

  2. Wow, 4 tiles, that's amazing! They are all very cool, the shadow lines are super cool! I'm glad you got your mojo back! You can still do a Maryhill ya know! ;o)
    ~ joey ~

  3. These are all wonderful HeidiSue! I love the last one too;-)

  4. Great work! The last one is most special to me, love it.

  5. All your tiles are an inspiration, Well done.