Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Suzymosh T Challenge

This week over at SuzyMosh's we are tasked with creating art using T patterns and the patterns of Sandra Strait.

For my T patterns I chose Tortuca, from tanglepatterns.com and Two Monkeys by Neil Burley

The patterns by Sandra that I chose were Fohbraid (I've been wanting to play with this one for a while) and Rosewood.

To start, I traced tiles here and there, overlapping on a page in my sketchbook, then filled the spaces. Fohbraid, I just let it fall where it would, randomly within the squares.

Fohbraid drapes across the centers of both big tiles, and there's a smaller version dangling from the upper big tile. In playing with Fohbraid, I found that I really like making the initial shape more a tear drop, than a triangle.

In the upper right corner is a tangle I created, but not sure what to call it. It is essentially a spiral with Tropicana drawn inside it. I used a burgundy micron and colored in both positive and negative spaces, for a different effect. Hard to see in this pic.

Navaho in the center reminds me of a picnic chair, and there is dlNebula in the lower left corner, looking like a hankie or something.

The upper left is Pineapple, also by Neil, but I've gone all minimalist on it...LOVE IT that way.

The Two Monkeys in the background reminds me of tiles on a kitchen backsplash.

Usually a piece will remind me of something, and this one is hard to pin down, but I think it is like a gathering in a patio at a very fine southwestern home. There's platters of delicious food, decorative tile in the "outdoor living space", rhythms and energy.


  1. So many wonderful patterns! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

  2. great overall design. I have done that same pattern -top right corner that you weren't sure what to call it. I just call mine the sun-spiral-feel free to use the name! :)

  3. Wow I love your page so much to look at all beautifully done 😊

  4. Wow, you put so many nice tangles together in a great composition, I like! :-)