Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Y Challenge

This week, Suzy Mosh is challenging us to use Y tangles that we've never used before. There were a few, and I chose two: Yoga and Yabbut.

I drew them in red, because I've had an upheaval in my life this week: a year long relationship ended on Monday and red is the color of stability, balance, rootedness...which I need in a time of turmoil.

But I did draw something else in red, that I want to show you first.

This piece is ALL ABOUT the relationship that broke up.

Pretty self-explanatory, I think.

Dang, there's a lot of energy on that page!

So red is my theme this week. I've been wearing various hues of red to work and at home, and drinking my tea out of a mug with a red flower painted on it. Actually, that mug was given to me by my sister, as a house warming gift for a delightful little duplex I lived in a few years back. Beautiful mug, truly.


Here are my entries for Suzy's Challenge:

 This is Yoga in red micron. (Looks orange, due to the lighting) I thought Yoga was apropos, as deep breathing, relaxing, and having some quiet alone time have been very beneficial this week. 

The section of ombre is blended prismacolor pencil going from sky blue, to lavender, to rose pink, to canary yellow. I outlined the ombre and the two end lozenges in burgundy micron.

This is yabbut, done in burgundy micron, with Tuscan Red shading.

Both of these are bijou tiles, and I want to try both of them as part of a piece with lots of patterns, not only as monotangles, but it came up Saturday this morning and I wanted to get an entry in, so here you go.

Next week, I predict I will be back in the flow of all the challenges.

Thanks to all who read and comment. It's encouraging to see people interested.


  1. Oh your Red Flags are marvellous, they are so alive and flapping in the wind. Your other tiles have come out well too, I hope the tangling helped sooth a little. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I think one of the things to do is think of things you wanted to do but you put off because is was tricky to do them with two. Take time doing them and enjoy the calming solitude whilst you can :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your troubles, but they are temporary and it seems you have a good attitude about them. Nice tiles! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

  3. It is always difficult ending a relationship. Best wishes. Your tiles are beautiful. Glad you enjoyed that.

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