Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stripey String

It has been a couple of weeks since I participated in the Diva Challenge. It was a dry spell, in more than just my art. Things were pretty much in slow motion in every aspect of my life. And that's okay. I still took out my sketchbook and pens every day and scribbled, practiced lines and circles, did some shading, practiced new patterns (Zenith is REALLY fun) even did some of the challenges without submitting them  because I didn't feel like fiddling around with my blog.

But one morning I woke up with this curly thing in my mind, and once I was up I grabbed my big sketchbook and began drawing what I saw. I drew many of them...lots and lots of curly things. When I was done, most of the page was full, but the lower right section was open...and so I finished it, with a face:

 She turned out sorta neat, didn't she? Someone in repose, sitting in stillness. Maybe her mind is full of amazing things and that shows in her hair! ha!

This sort of broke down the artist's block I was going thru. It gave me inspiration to do it again.

Gazing at the sky

I really like the string of onomato beads, and she has flowers in her hair! the Mi2 in the lower right was odd, but it was the first time I put that tangle in a random shape and it's okay.

Not sure about the roller coaster looking huggins there on the right side of her face. But it's still okay. Again, I wonder how amazing must her thoughts be as she gazes upward.
Little Guy
 While I was working on the long haired woman, I thought of this one: short curly hair on a child. The main pattern here is a bran-new one on Tanglepatterns.com: Pixioze. In fact, I filled a page in my big sketchbook with Pixioze during my dry spell. There's other patterns scattered around in there.

That's so Louis XIV

Looking online, I saw several faces with their hair piled up, and gave that a try. Doesn't Undling (across her hairline in front) look JUST LIKE hair? I also love the paisley and of course Tropicana like a crown is yummy! She also has flowers in her hair.
And notice the horizon of Zenith running behind her.

These were so much fun to do, and I plan on making many more, not just faces, but anything that has layers or piles (e.g., I saw a tangles soft serve ice cream cone)

Thank you for going along on my little tour.

Now for the Diva Challenge   This week we are to make a string that is Stripey, so I did. I used a micron burgundy pen in 05 and just created a simple horizontal stripe, with a curve in it.

The Land of Counterpane

Keeko, Striping, A-torm, Maizey, MacDee, and fringe. Looks sorta blankety, doesn't it?

It's also been a more active week. I went hiking twice (got pictures of only one hike)

Lake Mary and me!

On the way to Mary

and took my little cat Becky out for a walk:

Wait...woah! this isn't the apartment!

Walking the cat
 There's a courtyard in the apartment building where I live, and I took her out there. She did want to stay under the shrub, but wasn't resistant when I scooped her up and put her out in the open.
Hi BeckyAnne!

I am going to take her out every day in good weather. She'll love it and I bet as she gets used to it, we'll go exploring quite a bit.


  1. I really enjoyed the fun tangling you did with faces. Your Diva Challenge really looks nice on the tan tile. And, I loved seeing pictures of Becky Anne; what a cutie!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful pieces! I especially love that Louie XIV do.

  3. The challenge tile is beautiful and so are the other zia's. I especially like the cute guy!

  4. I'd say you broke through your artist's block with a vengence. Your faces (or around your faces) are really complex and evocative. People can imagine their own expression for her face. After the faces (and hair), the Diva challenge must have seemed not very challenging, but you stepped up and produced a very satisfying tile.

    Your "Pleasant land of counterpane" reference took me back. We had Robert Louis Stevenson's book, "A Child's Garden of Verses" when I was growing up. My mother always read that one to me when I was sick and had to stay home in bed.

  5. Love your Tangled 'haircuts' ;-)
    Your Diva tile is looking great too!

  6. After I saw some tangled hair drawings in Greece this Summer, I gave it a not too successful try myself. Your work here has made me see where to go now, which is to avoid putting the emphasis on the face and enjoy the patterns in the hair. Thanks for that, I'll enjoy doing more of this, i think. Your Challenge tile is great and you've reminded me of some patterns I haven't used in a while, so I win all round. Thanks for setting me off on the road again.

  7. Heidi, I love your tangled-hair faces! Even the ones without features have great expression. I don't know how that is possible, but you make it work! I couldn't pick a favorite, but the little guy is adorable! Your Diva Challenge tile - wait...BURGUNDY micron! Oooooooo, I'm on a mission now! I love the Maizy, McDee and Fringe together at the bottom! Your kitty on a leash is great. We used to take ours out that way too, and people gave us the strangest looks. I thought better that than keep them indoors all the time. 'Cause, you know, they don't come when you call them!